The DIY Dilemma: Brits Risking Pet Health to Avoid Rising Vet Bills

The DIY Dilemma: Brits Risking Pet Health to Avoid Rising Vet Bills

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media. DIY Animal Medics: Brits Risking Pet Health to Avoid Soaring Vet Bills


According to a study conducted by Snoots Vet, pet owners in the UK are increasingly taking on the role of DIY animal medics to circumvent the rising costs of veterinary care.

The research reveals that nearly two-thirds of Brits are jeopardizing their pets’ well-being by delaying visits to the vet due to concerns about expenses.

Escalating Vet Bills and Insurance Premiums: The study found that the average veterinary bill for Brits stands at £572.90.


Over half of the respondents reported an increase in their pet insurance premiums over the past year, despite the level of coverage remaining unchanged.

Additionally, 39% of participants noted that their premiums had risen without having made any claims in the previous 12 months.

Self-Diagnosis and Potential Dangers: As a result of financial concerns, nearly two in five pet owners resort to self-diagnosing their furry companions.

Alarmingly, one in three individuals admit to administering over-the-counter human medications like aspirin or paracetamol to their pets, which can be harmful.

Cutbacks and Delayed Vet Appointments: The financial strain has prompted 40% of respondents to reduce their personal spending, while 27% opt for cheaper pet food.


Moreover, one in four individuals now wait several days to see if their pet’s condition improves on its own before scheduling a vet appointment, rather than seeking immediate professional care.

Snoots Vet’s Solution: Jonathan Moyal, the founder of Snoots Vet, expressed concern over the risks posed to pets’ lives due to cost-cutting measures.

In response, Snoots Vet has introduced a new veterinary care model, offering comprehensive coverage for day-to-day pet care, including vaccinations, x-rays, neutering, and travel paperwork.

This approach aims to ensure the overall health of pets, timely identification of issues, and peace of mind for pet owners, all while preventing unexpected, exorbitant bills.

Conclusion: The study’s findings shed light on the challenges faced by pet owners in affording veterinary care, leading to risky practices and potential harm to their beloved animals.


The rising costs of vet bills and insurance premiums put financial strain on pet owners, forcing them to take matters into their own hands.

However, such DIY interventions can have detrimental consequences for pets’ health.

Snoots Vet’s innovative approach of offering comprehensive care at a flat fee presents a promising solution to address these concerns.

By providing accessible and affordable veterinary services, they aim to safeguard pets’ well-being and alleviate financial burdens on pet owners, ultimately leading to better overall pet care and peace of mind.


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