Canada’s Remarkable Contributions: From Insulin to Ryan Reynolds

Canada’s Hidden Treasures: A Poll Reveals Remarkable Exports

In a recent survey of 2,000 adults, the spotlight turns to Canada as it unveils its remarkable contributions to the world, from medical breakthroughs to celebrated celebrities.

Innovations That Shaped the World

Canada boasts a rich history of innovations, including the pacemaker, alkaline batteries, and maple syrup. The list extends to the Walkie Talkie and snowmobile, showcasing the nation’s creativity and ingenuity.

Celebrity Exports and Their Impact

Keanu Reeves, Bryan Adams, and Celine Dion are among Canada’s favorite celebrity exports. However, the survey reveals that many mistakenly attribute Canadian-born Jim Carrey to the United States, highlighting the confusion around famous faces.

Testing Knowledge: The American or Canadian Quiz

The study, commissioned by Canadian airline Air Transat, prompted the creation of a quiz to test people’s knowledge of famous personalities.

The airline’s UK commercial director, Sonia Kurek, emphasizes the difficulty in ranking the best of Canada’s contributions.

Canada’s Natural Beauty and Scenic Wonders

Natural beauty, voted by 62 percent of respondents, is hailed as Canada’s top offering.

An astounding 76 percent agree that Canada’s scenery is “world-leading.”

Wildlife, friendly people, and a variety of outdoor activities also make the list.

Canada’s Undeniable Charm and Appeal

Despite its allure, 46 percent feel that Canada’s offerings are overshadowed by its proximity to the United States.

Nevertheless, 26 percent of respondents express a strong desire to include Canada in their future travel plans, with the main barrier being a lack of time.

Dreaming of a Canadian Adventure

For those dreaming of a Canadian adventure, outdoor experiences and road trips are top choices.

Furthermore, 40 percent believe a Canadian holiday would provide excellent content for their social media.

Unlocking Canada’s Potential

Sonia Kurek highlights Canada’s appeal for trying new activities, from whale watching to sledding.

She encourages travelers to explore the Great White North and experience its diverse offerings.

The Top 30 Canadian Exports: A Glimpse of Canada’s Legacy

  1. Insulin
  2. The pacemaker
  3. Maple syrup
  4. Peanut butter
  5. Alkaline batteries
  6. Keanu Reeves
  7. Ryan Reynolds
  8. Bryan Adams
  9. Celine Dion
  10. The walkie-talkie
  11. The snowmobile
  12. Jim Carrey
  13. Shania Twain
  14. Michael J Fox
  15. Hawaiian pizza
  16. William Shatner
  17. Ryan Gosling
  18. Hockey
  19. Tim Hortons
  20. Justin Bieber
  21. The snow blower
  22. The Java programming language
  23. Leonard Cohen
  24. Drake
  25. Alanis Morrissette
  26. Avril Lavigne
  27. Basketball
  28. Kiefer Sutherland
  29. Poutine
  30. Justin Trudeau

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