The Extravagant Christmas Show at Prestonwood Baptist Church

The Lavish Christmas Show

Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas gained attention for its annual Christmas event, “The Gift of Christmas,” known for its grandeur and scale.

The show, retelling the story of Jesus’s birth, featured nearly 1,000 performers, live animals like camels, and flying angels, sparking both awe and controversy.

Social Media Outcry

Videos of the event went viral, drawing mixed reactions on social media platforms. Clips showed performers, airborne acts, and unconventional performances set to modern music, prompting criticism and mockery.

The event’s extravagance, along with ticket prices ranging from $19 to $69, became points of contention among viewers.

Criticism and Responses

The spectacle faced backlash, with some questioning the appropriateness of such a lavish affair within a church setting.

Comments ranged from questioning the church’s intentions to outright disapproval of the event’s extravagance. However, the church defended its approach, emphasizing that the ticketed event wasn’t a regular service but a celebration of Jesus’s birth.

Defending the Extravagance

Prestonwood Baptist Church stood by its tradition, stating their belief that offering the best for Jesus during Christmas was essential.

The church expressed disappointment over the criticism, asserting the event’s aim to honor Christ and celebrate the joy of Christmas, hoping that critics would understand the essence of the celebration.

Past Controversy and Church Profile

This isn’t the first time Prestonwood Baptist Church faced scrutiny over its Christmas production. Last year’s viral footage of flying drummer boys also drew attention and criticism.

Despite controversy, the church, known as one of the South’s influential megachurches with a vast membership across multiple campuses, has upheld this tradition for over 25 years.

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