Terry G celebrates being smoke-free for 100 days

Terry G celebrates being smoke-free for 100 days

Celebrating a Milestone: Terry G’s 100 Days Smoke-Free

Introduction Oche Gabriel Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, a veteran figure in street-hop music, recently marked a significant milestone in his life—100 days without indulging in any form of smoking.

The Announcement In a video shared on his official Instagram page on December 28, the artist behind the renowned track ‘Free Madness’ joyfully disclosed this achievement, expressing his gratitude to God and extending an invitation to his fans to join in commemorating this feat with him.

Contradictory Display However, a contradictory moment occurred as, towards the video’s conclusion, wisps of smoke were observed emanating from Terry G’s mouth, creating an ironic twist to his celebratory message.

Terry G’s Expression Accompanying the post, Terry G posed a question in his caption, juxtaposing his smoke-free journey with an apparent resemblance to a popular figure: “100 Day Of No 0 ???????? I look like Metro too much?”

The Musician’s Declaration Amidst the celebration, Terry G reiterated his commitment to his smoke-free lifestyle, emphasizing, “Day 100 of no smoking. Make una thank God for me. This is my day 100 of no smoking.”

Conclusion While Terry G’s proclamation of a smoke-free milestone was accompanied by a visually conflicting moment in the video, his dedication to a healthier lifestyle remains evident, marking this 100-day achievement as a notable personal triumph.

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