Meek Mill Discloses Emphysema Diagnosis, Plans Smoke-Free Move to Dubai

Meek Mill Discloses Emphysema Diagnosis, Plans Smoke-Free Move to Dubai


Renowned American rap artist Meek Mill has revealed that he has been diagnosed with emphysema, a medical condition linked to smoking.

At 36, Meek expresses concerns about the impact on his life expectancy and contemplates a significant lifestyle change.

Meek Mill’s Health Revelation: Emphysema Diagnosis:

Meek Mill recently disclosed on his official Twitter account that he has received a diagnosis of emphysema, a condition often associated with smoking.

The rapper shared that his doctor has issued a stark warning, advising him to quit smoking promptly to avoid a potential reduction in life expectancy.

Consideration of Dubai Relocation:

In response to the news of fellow rapper Snoop Dogg quitting smoking, Meek Mill announced his contemplation of relocating to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, as part of his strategy to quit smoking.

The rapper acknowledges the severity of his situation and expresses a commitment to follow Snoop Dogg’s lead in adopting a smoke-free lifestyle.

Meek Mill’s Twitter Announcement:

Meek Mill took to Twitter to share his decision, stating, “Ima go to Dubai and completely stop smoking… Ima follow Snoop, my doctor said I have a little bit of emphysema in my chest if I don’t stop smoking; it cuts my lifeline in half.”

The rapper attributes his nicotine addiction and concerns about the chemical composition of current weed strains as reasons to prioritize his mental health.

Acknowledging Snoop Dogg’s Influence:

Meek Mill’s announcement comes in the wake of Snoop Dogg’s public declaration of quitting smoking. The influence of fellow artists making health-conscious decisions resonates within the rap community, showcasing a shift toward prioritizing well-being.


Meek Mill’s revelation about his emphysema diagnosis and his subsequent decision to consider relocating to Dubai for a smoke-free lifestyle highlights the significance of health considerations within the music industry.

As artists like Snoop Dogg set examples of healthier choices, Meek Mill’s journey becomes a testament to the evolving narrative of well-being in the world of hip-hop.

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