Tensions Erupt as Police and Protesters Clash at King’s Cross-St Pancras

Tensions Erupt as Police and Protesters Clash at King’s Cross-St Pancras

Jews came together to show support for the Palestinian people.

During commotion at King’s Cross-St Pancras on Thursday morning, police officers seemed to wrestle with pro-Palestine protestors following a large-scale prayer service hosted by a group of Jews in solidarity with Gazan residents.

Social media users who witnessed the gathering stated that Metropolitan Police officers tried to disperse the assembly and record participants’ statements.

Videos also surfaced of several dozen individuals chanting, “Let us pray, let us pray.”

A brief altercation erupted, and footage suggests that six or seven officers were involved.

Afterwards, the officers walked away from the group, defusing the situation.

The protesters carried signs that read, “Stop bombing Gaza.”

“Jews say ceasefire now” and “Not in our name”It happened this morning after pro-Palestinian demonstrators daubed red paint all over the Foreign Office and a British aerospace business, claiming the latter had given Israel fighter jets.

While Jews are praying, police are trying to arrest them.

“Let us pray” for Palestine, we exclaim.

Copies of our speeches have been seized by the authorities.


pic.twitter.com/FhwLwVXLI9— Jewish-Black Alliance ✊????✡ (@JewishBlackA) 2.

November 2023 ‘We can’t hear you’ and ‘let us pray’ were chanted by the mob as British Transport Police officers initiated conversations with the individuals assembled at the station.

A participant showed X a video and stated, “Police are trying to arrest Jews while they are praying.”

We exclaim, “Let’s pray for Palestine!” Copies of our speeches have been seized by the authorities.

Some people described the environment as “pretty emotionally charged.”

People in attendance were spotted holding posters, banners, and flags.

“Our officers attended a sit-in protest at St Pancras railway station just after 8am today (2 November),” a British Transport Police spokesperson stated.

There were no reports of chaos and the gathering was said to be quiet.

The station’s services were unaffected, and the group had left by 8.45 am.

If someone would like to report something about this occurrence, they can give 0800 40 50 40 (reference 116 of November 2, 2023) a call or SMS 61016.

In other video footage, a demonstrator was seen spray-painting statements at the headquarters of Leonardo company, demanding an end to the Middle East conflict.

Palestine Action, which bills itself as “the direct action network dismantling British complicity with Israeli apartheid,” posted the clip.

On suspicion of causing criminal damage, police have detained one individual and are still at the scene’seeking to arrest’ another person who was heard chanting from the building’s canopy, ‘Stop the arms trade, end the struggle, free, free Palestine’.

‘Free Palestine’ and ‘terrorists’ are among the statements written on the Eagle Place skyscraper.

According to Leonardo, it is one of the largest suppliers of defence and security equipment to the Ministry of Defence.

A man carrying a red smoke flare on top of the building’s entryway was captured on camera during the incident.

He was wearing a balaclava.

The UK government is “complicit in genocide,” he said.

Some notes scrawled on the walls called Leonardo ‘baby killers’.

Leonardo provides Israel with Apache helicopters and parts for their F-35 fighter jets, which are used to assault Gaza, the group stated online.

Targeting the Foreign Office as well, the activists wrote ‘blood’ and smeared crimson paint across the building’s entryway.

“Activists spray the Foreign Office in London, 106 years after Britain signed away the land of Palestine to the zionist colonial project,” read a post from the organisation on X, formerly Twitter.

Since then, Israel’s apartheid regime has armed the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

ENGLAND IS GUILTY!”A man is in police custody after he was arrested by officers on suspicion of criminal damage following a protest in Eagle Place, Piccadilly,” a spokeswoman for the Met Police stated.

Red paint, which has also been flung at the front of the property, has been used to paint messages regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas onto the building.

There is currently another someone on the canopy over the building’s entrance.

“Officers are dealing with this man and will seek to arrest him for any offences once he is down safely,” the statement reads.

A person with their face concealed was seen standing above the building’s entrance in a picture released by the force.

‘Free Gaza’ was the slogan scrawled behind them.

According to Palestine Action, the protester was still on the building’s roof as of 11.45 a.m.

“Palestine Action occupy and spray weapons firm Leonardo’s London HQ, suppliers of weaponry for Israel’s fighter jets,” the group wrote on social media.

Today, 106 years ago, Britain signed the land’s surrender to Palestine.

The people must immediately put an end to their continued collaboration in genocide!On the 106th anniversary of the 1917 British government’s contentious Balfour Declaration, which advocated for a “national home for the Jewish people” within Palestine, the activists staged a demonstration.

The British Foreign Secretary at the time, Arthur James Balfour, is honoured in the declaration’s name.

A graffitied phrase on the Foreign Office wall says, ‘F*** Balfour.’

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