Violent Confrontations Erupt in Bermondsey as Football Fans Clash with Police Following Millwall’s Dramatic Win Over Birmingham City

In a shocking turn of events, clashes erupted between football fans and police in Bermondsey, south London, following Millwall’s late victory over Birmingham City.

The incident involved the hurling of a traffic cone at police officers, adding to the chaos that unfolded after a crucial Championship fixture that ended 1-0 in favor of Millwall.

Late Goal Drama:

The Championship clash saw Millwall securing a last-minute victory with defender Japhet Tanganga scoring the decisive goal.

The intense match further deepened Birmingham City’s struggles, leaving them in 19th place, just one point above the relegation zone.

The outcome set the stage for heightened emotions among football fans, leading to confrontations with law enforcement.

Metropolitan Police’s Hectic Day:

The clash occurred amid a hectic day for the Metropolitan Police, with more than 2,300 officers deployed to cover various major events across London.

These included eight football matches, a Six Nations fixture in Twickenham, and a pro-Palestinian march through central London. The police faced challenges in maintaining public order, especially in Bermondsey, where violent disorder erupted as fans made their way to the tube.

Police Response and Video Footage:

Responding to the incident captured on video, the Metropolitan Police emphasized the unacceptable nature of assaulting officers.

The video shows officers, clad in high-visibility and riot helmets, pushing back against the crowd.

A traffic cone was thrown, striking the helmets of the police in riot gear. The Metropolitan Police stated that those responsible for assaulting officers would be dealt with, although the specific football club affiliation of the involved fans remains unknown.

Security Measures and Frustrated Fans:

Earlier in the day, a significant police presence was visible as Birmingham City fans arrived at the Millwall ground. Police vans lined the route, and officers on horseback enforced crowd control measures.

The visiting fans expressed frustration as chances to score went begging in the second half, with caretaker manager Mark Venus highlighting the team’s challenges and the need for resolution.

Pro-Palestine Rally and Arrests:

Simultaneously, in other parts of the capital, a pro-Palestine rally took place, resulting in six arrests. Iranian Niyak Ghorbani faced initial arrest for displaying a placard reading ‘Hamas is a terrorist.’

However, he was later de-arrested after officers reviewed footage. Five additional arrests occurred during the march, including individuals carrying offensive placards, chanting offensive slogans, and one for assault.

Birmingham City’s Struggles and Manager’s Assessment:

Mark Venus, Birmingham City’s caretaker manager, expressed disappointment at the team’s performance, highlighting the challenges faced in away games.

He noted the lack of purpose in ball movement and emphasized the need to address the situation. The team’s frustrations were evident, reflecting a series of away defeats, leaving them in a precarious position in the league.


The clashes in Bermondsey underscore the intense emotions that football victories and defeats can evoke, leading to unfortunate confrontations with law enforcement.

The Metropolitan Police’s efforts to manage multiple public order events reflect the challenges faced in maintaining peace amid a bustling cityscape.

As the aftermath of the Millwall-Birmingham City clash unfolds, authorities are left grappling with the broader implications of such incidents on public safety and the image of football fandom.

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