Teenager reveals his stepmother’s ‘crazy’ house rules after moving in with his father part-time

Teenager reveals his stepmother’s ‘crazy’ house rules after moving in with his father part-time

Following his temporary transfer to his father’s house, a teenager has disclosed a ‘crazy’ set of house rules given to him by his stepmother.

The 15-year-old unidentified American posted a picture of the printed list on Reddit along with his worries about the possible repercussions if he doesn’t follow the guidelines.

The child got a massive reaction after posting on the r/teenagers forum on August 22. Disturbed and offended Reddit users were all too eager to offer their thoughts and audacious advise.

People advised the 15-year-old to find alternative home rather than live in a ‘prison’ after the post received over 10,000 likes and almost 1,800 comments.

The child, who goes by the online handle u/9bow67, stated that he had previously lived with his grandmother but had moved out because of a difficult atmosphere before receiving the demanding list.

He continued by saying that the youngster’s father, who has diabetes and is being looked for by the stepmom, volunteered to let the boy remain at the family home, but the stepmom restricted him to only two days a week.

He also said that the unnamed stepmother had previously expelled his ‘whole family’ when he was ten years old, an act he referred to as a ‘slap in the face.’

The frightened kid has just returned to the house his dad and stepmom share, and he has been given a lengthy list of regulations to abide by. He believes he will be expelled if he breaks any of these rules.

The stepmother wrote: ‘I did not approve of anyone staying over but your dad wanted you to come over’ on the A4 paper print-out.

‘I am not going going to give second or third chances.

The moment I see something wrong you are out of here.’

‘I am not your mom or stepmom that is going to let you do things you want here like you do at grandma’s place.

‘You are staying under my roof so there are things I don’t like to see.

‘It will stress you out and make you more depressed.

‘You will need to have a thick skin staying here.

‘If you are not able to handle things then you need to make a decision.’

The stepmom then proceeded to outline a total of eighteen stringent restrictions, starting with: ‘I don’t like people who don’t respect other people’s rules when they are staying over.’

The woman also made the surprising requests, ‘I don’t want to hear loud voices when you are talking on the phone or watching TV,’ and ‘I don’t want to see an ugly attitude and a frown face.’

The teenager was then forbidden by the stepmother from engaging in extracurricular activities and hobbies at home.

She wrote: ‘There will be no playing games on your computer.

‘The computer is for homework use only and will be turned off when homework is completed.

‘I do not allow kids under 18 to cook.

‘I don’t want to be responsible for accidents or injury or clean up your mess.’

The stepmother demands that the teenager put away his mobile phone by 8:30 p.m. and be in bed by 9:00 p.m. because she does not want to see or hear a ‘cry baby.’

The teenager is told to go to his grandmother’s home on Fridays because the stepmother does not ‘want anyone over the weekend’ and wants ‘time to clean up and relax.’

She painstakingly adds: ‘More rules to go over after we go over these ones’ at the end of the long list. Commenters who were alarmed by the teen’s stepmother’s cold and dismissive demeanour expressed sympathy for him.

One person commented, ‘This is the actual fun police,’ while another, ‘You’re sharing your roof with a psychopath homie.’

A person advised; ‘Get the f**k outta here, express your displeasure to the fullest degree, that isn’t a home it’s a prison,’ to which someone responded, ‘Nah, even prisoners are better treated than this.’

Another user pointed out the content within the list, writing: ‘There is no way she is humane.’

Two individuals jokingly advised that the teen take immediate action, with one saying: ‘Burn the paper in front of her.’

The other recommended a ‘malicious compliance’ tactic, saying: ‘Rule 3 – Maintain an over the top horrific clown smile at all times. It will bother her faster than a frown. It’s easier to maintain when you’re doing it out of spite.’

A Louisana woman was also left stunned in 2021 after she discovered her boyfriend’s mother has a ‘scary’ list of rules for dating her son, including not turning up to the house ‘looking like a stripper.’

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