Outcry Erupts as Sephora Customers Face Backlash for Alleged ‘Black Face’ Makeup Incident in Boston

A group of teenage girls has faced severe criticism and accusations of engaging in ‘black face’ makeup at a Sephora location in Boston.

The incident, captured on video and shared on TikTok, has since gone viral, prompting outrage on social media platforms.

Confrontation at Boston’s Prudential Center

The video, recorded last weekend at a Sephora store inside the Prudential Center in Boston, Massachusetts, depicts three white girls using product samples to apply darker makeup shades to their faces.

A worker, seemingly not directly employed by Sephora but with a product stall in the store, confronts the group, expressing strong disapproval of their behavior.

Allegations of Offensive Actions

While the video does not capture audio, the original poster claims that the girls were “making animal noises” as they applied the makeup.

Outraged social media users have described the incident as “shameful” and “disgusting,” calling for the girls to be banned from the store.

Sephora’s Parent Company Expresses Disappointment

Sephora’s parent company, Devries Global, released a statement expressing extreme disappointment with the shoppers’ behavior.

The company emphasized its commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience and stated that the individuals involved were asked to leave the premises.

Witnesses Speak Out

Witnesses, including TikTok user @temiojoraa, who recorded the incident, expressed disgust and disturbance at the girls’ actions.

The witness alleges that the group of teenage girls and their mothers used makeup samples for ‘black face’ while giggling and making animal sounds. The incident led to a confrontation between the witness and the adult chaperone of the group.

Social Media Outcry and Calls for Ban

Online, social media users expressed their outrage and praised the worker for intervening.

Calls for banning the girls from Sephora gained traction, with users applauding the employee’s actions and condemning the offensive behavior.

Rising Concerns in Beauty Chains

The incident adds to a growing trend of disruptive behavior by young customers in beauty chains, including Sephora.

Reports highlight tweens and teenagers causing chaos in stores, testing expensive skincare products, and leaving a mess.

Concerns are raised not only about product misuse but also about the treatment of staff by these young customers.

Employees Speak Out Against Mean Girl Antics

Employees, like Sequoia Cothra from Tennessee, have criticized the behavior of young customers, labeling them as “mean girls.”

Sequoia expressed concerns about the way these girls treat staff and emphasized the need for better supervision in makeup stores.

Continued Challenges for Beauty Chains

The Sephora incident sheds light on ongoing challenges faced by beauty chains dealing with disruptive behavior from young customers.

Social media plays a significant role in amplifying such incidents, sparking debates about store policies and the need for increased parental supervision.

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