Tearful Maui Resident Criticizes Lack of Aid and Questions President’s Absence

Tearful Maui Resident Criticizes Lack of Aid and Questions President’s Absence


Ella Sable Tacderan, a resident of Maui, has expressed her frustration over the lack of aid for those affected by the devastating wildfires on the Hawaiian island.

She tearfully questioned why President Joe Biden has not visited the area yet.

Tacderan is currently providing shelter for 23 relatives who were displaced by the fires.

She emphasized the importance of community support during such crises, noting that locals have played a crucial role in helping each other cope with the aftermath of the disaster.

Inadequate Aid and Community Support

Tacderan criticized the $700 aid check provided by the government to her family, considering it insufficient given the high cost of living in Hawaii.


She stated that expenses, such as groceries, can easily reach $700 for a single shopping trip.

Tacderan highlighted that the Maui community is actively supporting one another, which has enabled them to endure the challenges they are facing.

Demand for Presidential Attention

Expressing her frustration, Tacderan questioned why President Biden has not visited Maui and expressed her disappointment at feeling ignored.

She emphasized that residents of Maui are Americans too and should not be overlooked.

Tacderan raised concerns about families being denied aid due to pending applications, further adding to the difficulties faced by those affected.


Criticism and Response

President Biden has faced criticism for his response to the wildfire tragedy.

He was even criticized for mistakenly referring to Maui in a recent speech.

Chief Herman Andaya, the head of Maui’s Emergency Management Agency, resigned amid backlash for not activating warning sirens during the wildfire.

Despite the criticism, President Biden promised assistance and support to the affected Maui community.

Presidential Visit and Ongoing Efforts

President Biden announced his intention to visit Maui, promising to stand by the community throughout the recovery process.


He assured that the federal government has already taken action by sending emergency personnel and supplies to the wildfire-ravaged town.

The president’s commitment to long-term assistance was reiterated, with the acknowledgment that the recovery process would require significant efforts.

Community Reactions and Political Comparisons

The Maui community has criticized the response of local agencies, including the Maui County Emergency Management Agency, for their handling of the disaster and alert systems.

Amid the crisis, the agency’s administrator, Herman Andaya, defended the decision not to activate alarms, citing their usual usage for tsunami warnings.

The Mayor of Maui County, Richard Bissen, accepted Andaya’s resignation and emphasized the need for effective leadership during this critical time.



The tearful plea of Ella Sable Tacderan sheds light on the challenges faced by residents of Maui in the aftermath of the devastating wildfires.

Her emotional interview serves as a reminder of the importance of timely and sufficient aid during such crises and raises questions about the level of attention received from national leaders.

President Biden’s promise of assistance and his upcoming visit reflect efforts to provide support to the affected community as they work towards recovery.

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