Beyond the Surface: Mikvah Experience Revealed by Orthodox Jewish Social Media Influencer

Beyond the Surface: Mikvah Experience Revealed by Orthodox Jewish Social Media Influencer


In a world dominated by social media, Miriam Malnik-Ezagui, a labor and delivery room nurse based in Brooklyn, New York, has garnered widespread attention for providing an unfiltered look into her life as an Orthodox Jewish mother.

With over 1.9 million followers on TikTok, she has become a viral sensation, offering a candid glimpse into the intricacies of her faith and culture.

Modesty and Dress Code

Miriam has been refreshingly candid about the stringent rules that shape her lifestyle.

She delves into the rules of modesty that dictate everything from what Orthodox Jewish women can wear to how they maintain their appearance.

After marriage, women in her community don’t show their hair as a signal of their unavailability to other men.


To adhere to this, Miriam often wears wigs in public. The standards for clothing are similarly strict.

Skirts and dresses must be longer than the knees, even while sitting, with high-cut necklines and sleeves extending beyond the elbows.

Miriam emphasizes that her choice of modest clothing is driven by self-respect and love for her body.

Navigating Swimwear and Public Perception

Even when at the beach, the requirement for modesty remains.

Miriam documents her quest for suitable swimwear for her four daughters.


Visiting a special store catering to Orthodox Jewish children, the girls opt for dress-like bathing suits that align with their religious values.

In a refreshing perspective, Miriam refuses to judge others based on their attire choices, acknowledging that diverse standards exist and should be respected.

Spiritual Cleansing and Traditions

Miriam offers insights into the profound spiritual practices that are integral to her life.

She shares her experience at the mikvah, a Jewish bathhouse where women visit after menstruation to undergo a symbolic cleansing of the soul.

The mikvah experience, reminiscent of a spa, involves immersion in water without clothes, signifying a connection with spirituality and God.


Dietary Restrictions and Family Life

Miriam sheds light on the dietary guidelines she and her family follow as Orthodox Jews.

Observing kosher laws, they consume specific types of animals and avoid mixing meat and dairy.

The family’s commitment to growing their own vegetables underscores their connection to their food sources.

Intimacy and Education

In addressing a subject often considered private, Miriam discusses the perspective of intimacy within Orthodox Judaism.

While premarital sex is forbidden, she emphasizes that intimacy is a sacred act that’s not solely for procreation but also for pleasure.


She underscores the lack of formal sex education within her community and advocates for parents to provide proper education at home.

Education and Bridging Differences

Miriam’s journey to becoming a social media influencer was sparked by a desire to educate and dispel misconceptions.

In response to a controversial remark by Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam saw an opportunity to educate people about her faith and culture.

Her openness aims to show that despite differences, commonalities exist among diverse lifestyles.

Through sharing her everyday experiences as a working mom, Miriam seeks to foster understanding and connection between different communities.


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