Teacher Stabbed in Back During Altercation with School-Uniformed Children

Teacher Stabbed in Back During Altercation with School-Uniformed Children

Newham School Stabbing Unveils Tragic Incident: Teacher Attacked by Students Two Weeks into New Role

In a harrowing incident, a teacher in his 40s faced a brutal attack, stabbed in the back during what witnesses describe as an ‘altercation’ with school uniform-clad children.

The shocking event unfolded just yards away from Forest Gate Community School in east London on Tuesday afternoon.

Witness Accounts: Chaos and Screams

Eyewitnesses reported hearing heated arguments and observed a man surrounded by a group of young individuals just before the violent attack occurred on Woodgrange Road in Newham around 5:25 pm.

A 14-year-old boy has been apprehended in connection with the incident.

Heroic Intervention: Physician Provides First Aid

Amid the chaos, a heroic physician associate, Gulzarin Iqbal, 27, from the nearby Lord Lister Health Centre, rushed to the scene upon hearing screams.

He found the victim ‘lying face down on the floor’ and covered in blood.

The victim, identified as a teacher at the school who had started just two weeks ago, was familiar with some of the students involved.

First Aid in the Pharmacy: Teacher Seeks Help

The victim sought refuge in a nearby pharmacy, Sharman’s Pharmacy, after the stabbing.

A dispenser described the blood-soaked scene, stating, ‘He ran inside and said, ‘Help! I’m a teacher at the school and I’ve just been stabbed.’

Quick action from pharmacy workers, including Dr. Parvesh Patel, helped alert emergency services.

Condition of the Victim and Emergency Response:

Dr. Iqbal, delivering crucial first aid, described the victim as an ‘African male in his 40s.’ The injuries, though severe, are not life-threatening according to the Metropolitan Police.

A 14-year-old male has been arrested in connection with the stabbing and is currently in custody.

Police Investigation and Appeal for Information:

Metropolitan Police are actively investigating the incident that took place on January 30, with a plea for information from the public.

The spokesperson confirmed the victim was found inside a nearby shop and was transported to the hospital by the London Ambulance Service.

Forest Gate Community School’s Response:

Forest Gate Community School, where the victim had recently started teaching, has been contacted for comment on the incident.

The shocking event highlights concerns over school violence and the safety of educators in the community.