Tan Hill Shooting Incident: Tanning Salon Boss Richard Bowser Receives 19-Year Jail Term

Richard Bowser, a 46-year-old former tanning salon boss, has been sentenced to 19 years in prison for a shooting incident at Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Britain.

The altercation ensued when Bowser, unable to settle a bar bill at the landmark pub near Reeth in North Yorkshire, became aggressive and resorted to arming himself.

Legal Proceedings and Convictions

Bowser, hailing from Worcester Place, Bishop Auckland, County Durham, pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and possessing prohibited weapons before the trial.

Following the trial, he was convicted of wounding with intent and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life.

The charges stemmed from the shooting incident where Bowser fired through a wooden door, hitting a tourist named Lee Jackson. The bullet remained lodged in Jackson’s arm.

Details of the Altercation and Court Verdict

On the night of July 21, 2023, Bowser engaged in a barroom brawl, assaulting bar manager Nichola Townsend and later attacking two men, Ryan Lockwood and Karl Pearson, who tried to intervene.

Subsequently, he targeted Lee Jackson, initially attempting to fire a gun at him, and later shooting at a door behind which Jackson sought refuge.

The court found Bowser guilty of assault, actual bodily harm, wounding with intent, and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life. He was acquitted of two charges of attempted murder.

Impact on Victim and Community

Lee Jackson, the victim of the shooting, suffered a gunshot wound to the arm.

The Tan Hill Inn, known for its appearances in TV shows and commercials, witnessed this disturbing incident, causing distress to staff and patrons.

Detective Superintendent Fran Naughton condemned Bowser’s “indiscriminate” violence, emphasizing the lasting impact on the victim and witnesses.

Sentencing and Remarks from the Court

In the sentencing at Teesside Crown Court, Judge Howard Crowson criticized Bowser’s violent actions at the inn, stressing that the victim posed no physical threat.

The court acknowledged Bowser’s fear for his life due to a feud but condemned his “abhorrent” use of weapons.

Community Response and Future Hopes

Detective Superintendent Fran Naughton praised the quick-thinking staff who ensured customer safety and supported the police investigation.

The Tan Hill community hopes this incident won’t deter people from enjoying the popular location in North Yorkshire.

The lengthy sentence aims to send a clear message that violence and the use of illegal firearms have no place in the region.

Closing Words and Acknowledgments

While the sentence cannot undo the events of that evening, it is anticipated to offer some closure to the victim.

The victim’s bravery and cooperation throughout the investigation played a crucial role in securing the conviction, and law enforcement officials express gratitude for the community’s support in addressing the aftermath of this harrowing incident.