Suzanne Shaw Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Takes on Marathon Challenge

Suzanne Shaw Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Takes on Marathon Challenge

...By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Suzanne Shaw Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Marathon Challenge for Charity


Suzanne Shaw, former Hear’Say star and Emmerdale actress, appeared on ITV1’s Lorraine to discuss her upcoming marathon challenge and her personal battles with anxiety and depression.

The 41-year-old shared her experiences of facing mental health issues during her early days in the spotlight and how it affected her well-being.

Suzanne Shaw’s Mental Health Journey: From Fame to Struggles

Suzanne revealed that her mental health took a toll during her time with the band Hear’Say, which she joined at the age of 19.

Reflecting on that period, she described it as “tough” and recalled experiencing her first major panic attack as a teenager.

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She noted that her anxiety and depression seemed to intensify after her rise to fame, attributing it to the overwhelming pressure and burnout she experienced.


Challenges and Isolation: Suzanne’s Battle with Self-Esteem and Relationships

During the interview, Suzanne opened up about the impact her mental health struggles had on her relationships with family and friends.

She expressed that her low self-esteem and self-sabotaging behavior led to a disconnection from loved ones, as it was challenging for them to understand what she was going through.

Suzanne candidly admitted to suffering in silence, feeling hesitant to share her story due to her fame and the perception that she should be grateful.

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Turning Point and Sobriety: Overcoming Alcohol and Prioritizing Well-Being

Suzanne shared a pivotal moment that prompted her to make positive changes in her life.

A meeting with Friends star Matthew Perry, while she was under the influence of alcohol, served as a “turning point” for her relationship with drinking.

Recognizing the negative impact alcohol had on her mental health, she made the decision to quit drinking and noticed improvements in her anxiety and depression.


Marathon Challenge for Mental Health: Raising Funds for Mind

In support of mental health awareness, Suzanne discussed her marathon challenge aimed at raising funds for the charity Mind.

She has been training for this endeavor since October and emphasized the importance of physical activity in her well-being journey.

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The marathon challenge, documented in the upcoming documentary “Run in 4,” will test Suzanne’s endurance as she aims to complete four ultra-marathons over four consecutive days.

Conclusion: Suzanne Shaw’s interview on Lorraine sheds light on her personal journey with mental health and her determination to raise funds and awareness for Mind through her marathon challenge.

By sharing her story and experiences, she hopes to inspire others facing similar struggles to seek help and support.

Her dedication to both physical and mental well-being serves as an example of resilience and self-care.

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