Lewis Capaldi Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and the Price of Pop Stardom

Lewis Capaldi Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and the Price of Pop Stardom

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. Lewis Capaldi, the Scottish singer-songwriter, has candidly shared his experiences with mental health issues and the toll they have taken on him as a pop star.


In an interview on The Rebecca Judd Show on Apple Music, Capaldi expressed that his mental health struggles were a direct result of his career, describing his recent album as delving deeper into this aspect.

The 26-year-old artist revealed that during the 2020 lockdown, he was relieved to have a break from touring due to severe panic attacks on stage.

A Trade-Off Worth Considering

Capaldi acknowledged that despite the challenges he faces, he believes the trade-off for his success in the music industry is worth it.

He admitted that he would accept a few panic attacks and his Tourette’s syndrome if it meant continuing his musical journey.

However, he emphasized that if his mental health worsened to a point where it became detrimental to his overall well-being, he would consider stepping away from music altogether.

The Importance of Live Performances and Ed Sheeran’s Influence

Live performances hold a special place in Capaldi’s heart, and he revealed that the inability to enjoy performing on stage would be a crucial factor in his decision to continue or quit music.


Additionally, Capaldi shared advice he received from fellow chart-topping artist Ed Sheeran, highlighting the importance of writing exceptional songs while downplaying other external factors.

Meeting Icons and Humorous Insights

Capaldi expressed his desire to meet legendary Beatles star Sir Paul McCartney while humorously admitting to having difficulty remembering encounters with famous individuals.

He shared a humorous anecdote about his meeting with Tom Hanks at an Eagles concert, which he only recollected after Hanks’ wife retold the story on ITV’s Lorraine.

Conclusion: Lewis Capaldi’s Honest Reflections and Career Crossroads

Lewis Capaldi’s recent interview provides a glimpse into the personal struggles he faces as a pop star, with mental health challenges and the impact of his career on his overall well-being.

While Capaldi currently manages his mental health and finds balance, he acknowledges the possibility of making difficult decisions if his condition worsens.

As he navigates his musical journey, Capaldi holds a deep appreciation for live performances and draws inspiration from his encounters with influential figures in the industry, all while maintaining his signature wit and humor.


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