Suzanne Morphew’s Family Calls for Justice as Remains Found Three Years After Disappearance

Suzanne Morphew’s Family’s Call for Justice

Suzanne Morphew’s family has released a statement calling for justice one day after the missing woman’s remains were found and three years after she went missing.

Morphew, 49, was last seen on Mother’s Day 2020 in Colorado, and her husband, Barry Morphew, and two daughters have spent the last three years searching for her.

Thanking Supporters and Law Enforcement

In a statement released Thursday, the family thanked law enforcement and supporters for their unwavering commitment to bringing Suzanne home.

‘The Moorman family would like to thank all involved for the discovery of our sister Suzanne,’ the family wrote in their statement.

Expressing Hope for Justice

‘We look forward to finding long-awaited justice for Suanne in the successful prosecutions of those involved in her disappearance,’ it continued.

Suzanne’s ‘scattered remains’ were discovered in a shallow grave in a remote desert field 50 minutes from her home in Salida, 140 miles south of Denver.

Acknowledging the Search Efforts

The mom-of-two had gone for a bike ride but never came home.

Her bike was found the day she went missing, discarded in a ravine near her mountain home.

In their statement, the family said they could not let the ‘countless hours’ of searching for the Colorado mom go unnoticed.

Gratitude to Law Enforcement and Volunteers

‘Over the last three years, countless hours have been spent looking for Suzanne by a determined group who have never given up hope that she would be found,’ it read.

‘The memories of her gentle spirit and wonderful smile have been a constant presence since her disappearance to all who knew and loved her.’

They gave a special shout out to Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze, his staff, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, and the FBI for their work.

Additionally, they thanked the hundreds of volunteers who ‘never gave up.’

The Search and Discovery

‘Fate may have played a key role in finding her, but it does not negate the resolute commitment of all those involved,’ the grieving family wrote.

‘We would also like to thank the citizens of Chaffee County who have been subjected to this unimaginable sage for their support and prayers.

”We look forward to finding long-awaited justice for Suanne in the successful prosecutions of those involved in her disappearance,’ the statement concluded.

Investigation Details

Investigators revealed they found her remains 50 miles from her bike, in Moffat, Saguache County, while they were probing a completely separate case .

She had been buried in a shallow grave, the coroner called to the site said, and her bones then dispersed over the years.

No arrests have been made since the remains were located on September 22, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation confirmed on Wednesday. Her identity was confirmed on September 27.

Legal Developments

In May 2021, a year after Suzanne disappeared, her husband Barry Morphew was arrested and charged with her murder – despite police not having found a body.

Last year, prosecutors dropped all charges against Morphew after a judge sanctioned the district attorney’s office for discovery violations.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, despite objections from the defense, which means it could still be re-filed should new evidence come to light.

 A Glimpse into Suzanne’s Life

A source close to Barry Morphew told The US Sun that they thought he would be completely exonerated. ‘It’s a relief but also a great sadness,’ the source told the website.

‘We now know she’s not alive, which we’d desperately been hoping (for).’ But we hope that Barry’s name can be cleared because of the location where she was found and the timing of it all,’ they continued.

Legal Battle for Compensation

Barry Morphew is suing for $15 million after he was arrested on suspicion of his wife’s murder, only for charges to then be dropped.

John Spezze, Chaffee County sheriff, said on Wednesday: ‘While this case has garnered attention from around the world, it has touched our community and the sheriff’s office deeply.’

 Seeking Answers

‘We have never stopped our investigation and will continue to follow all leads in pursuit of justice for Suzanne.’

Although locating Suzanne’s remains is a critical component of this investigation, and for her family, we are left with many more questions than answers, and it would be a disservice to conduct a news conference at this time.’

Details of the Discovery

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has also refused to provide details about the discovery, but Tom Perrin, the coroner of Saguache County, said she was found in a remote, dry desert field of sagebrush and natural grasses south of Moffat.

He was called to collect her remains on September 22.

The Family’s Reaction

Melinda Moorman Balzer, Morphew’s older sister, told The Denver Gazette that they were told on Wednesday morning that Suzanne’s remains had been found.

Barry Morphew, her next of kin, was informed first. ‘This is a miracle. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack,’ Moorman Balzer said.

Unanswered Questions

‘Colorado is a vast and rugged place, and we have prayed that God would put light on where she is. We have been praying, and here we are today.

‘It’s a day of great sadness, but a day of celebration.’ Melinda said the family still has unanswered questions.

‘This is just a small little snippet,’ she added. ‘A lot more will be revealed in time. We will be patient and trust the process.’

:Suzanne Morphew’s Disappearance Timeline

Suzanne Morphew was reported missing on May 10, 2020 – with her bike gone from the garage. Her bike was found later that day, discarded down a ravine.

Five days later, on May 15, her bike helmet was discovered on the side of a highway less than half a mile from where her bike was found, a short distance from the family’s home.

No clothing, blood, or evidence of a struggle was found near the bike or helmet. Her sunglasses and hydration backpack had been found inside her car, leading investigators to speculate that perhaps Suzanne never really went for a bike ride on the morning she vanished, and instead staged a scene.

 Suzanne’s Grim Discovery

Suzanne’s body was found on September 22 this year, 50 miles from her bike.

After Barry was charged with murder and the case against him progressed, authorities revealed intimate details about their married life.

 Intimate Details Revealed

Suzanne had been having an affair with someone she met