Survey Reveals Challenges in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

A recent survey conducted by Which? sheds light on significant challenges plaguing the public charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), indicating dissatisfaction among electric car owners due to high costs, poor reliability, and operational confusion.

Dissatisfaction Among EV Owners:

According to the poll findings, a substantial 69% of electric car owners express dissatisfaction with the availability and functionality of charging stations, posing obstacles to the widespread adoption of EVs touted for their environmental and cost-saving benefits.

Cost Concerns and Reliability Issues:

One-third of EV drivers and nearly half of hybrid owners voice concerns over the exorbitant costs associated with public charging points, exacerbated by the addition of VAT.

Moreover, a staggering 73% of respondents report encountering faulty public chargers within the past year, with 37% struggling to locate operational ones.

Detailed breakdown of cost and reliability issues underscores the practical hurdles hindering the seamless usage of public charging facilities.

Complexity and Confusion:

The study reveals that 21% of EV drivers and 25% of hybrid owners find public charging points perplexing and challenging to navigate, largely attributed to the proliferation of diverse operators, each with its proprietary app.

An overwhelming 85% express a preference for a simplified system allowing contactless payment.

Complexity and confusion emerge as significant barriers, emphasizing the need for standardized, user-friendly interfaces in public charging infrastructure.

Calls for Improvement:

Sue Davies, Head of Consumer Protection Policy at Which?, emphasizes the importance of collaboration between the government and charge point operators to enhance the charging infrastructure, emphasizing the need for ease and reliability in the charging process.

Calls for improvement underscore the collective responsibility of stakeholders in addressing the identified shortcomings and fostering confidence in EV adoption.

Regional Disparities and Policy Response:

Richard Hebditch of Transport & Environment UK highlights regional disparities in public charge point distribution, urging policymakers to prioritize infrastructure development in underserved areas to facilitate equitable access to charging facilities.

Discussion of regional disparities and policy responses underscores the broader implications of charging infrastructure challenges and the need for targeted interventions.


The survey findings underscore the urgent need for concerted efforts to address the identified challenges in the public charging infrastructure to accelerate the transition to electric mobility, ensuring accessibility, affordability, and reliability for EV owners nationwide.

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