Julia Roberts Celebrates Husband Danny Moder’s Birthday with Heartfelt Tribute

Julia Roberts Celebrates Husband Danny Moder’s Birthday with Heartfelt Tribute

In a heartwarming Instagram post, renowned actress Julia Roberts expressed her love and admiration for her husband, Danny Moder, on the occasion of his 55th birthday.

The 56-year-old actress shared a cozy snapshot capturing a tender moment between the couple, radiating joy and affection.

Birthday Wishes and Glittering Emojis:

In her Instagram caption, Julia Roberts extended warm birthday wishes to Danny Moder, describing him as an “amazing man” who illuminates their world.

Accompanying the message were several glittering emojis, lightning bolts, and a hashtag denoting his date of birth, ‘131’.

A Captivating Snapshot:

The shared photo captures an intimate moment, with Julia nestled against Danny as they exchange affectionate looks.

Julia, seemingly taking on the role of the photographer, extends her arms to capture the heartfelt snapshot.

Danny Moder: The Captain of Their Ship:

Recalling Julia’s previous acknowledgment of Danny’s pivotal role in their lives, the article refers to her past statements where she hailed Moder as “the captain of our ship.”

Julia emphasized the anchor-like presence Danny brings to their family, attributing the depth of her understanding of life to him.

Romance Origin Story:

Delving into the couple’s history, the article touches upon Julia and Danny’s initial meeting on the set of “The Mexican” in 2000.

Despite being in other relationships at the time, their friendship blossomed into love after both went through personal transformations.

The couple tied the knot in 2002 in a secret ceremony.

Parenting and Keeping in Touch:

Julia shares details about parenting her two college-aged kids and one soon-to-be college-bound child, maintaining a consistent approach.

The actress also discusses how they stay connected while apart, highlighting the significance of a recent family FaceTime session.

Secret to a Long-Lasting Marriage:

Reflecting on Julia’s 2022 statement about the secret to her enduring marriage, the article mentions her lighthearted remark, attributing their success to “lots of making out.”


Julia Roberts’ birthday tribute to Danny Moder not only celebrates their enduring love but also offers readers glimpses into the couple’s journey and the values that sustain their decades-long marriage.