Supreme Court affirms the life sentence given to a Nigerian man convicted of killing an 18-year-old girl in Italy

Supreme Court Upholds Life Sentence for Nigerian Man in Italy

The Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome, Italy, has upheld the life sentence for Innocent Oseghale, a Nigerian man convicted of killing and dismembering 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro.

The court’s decision marks the end of a legal battle that began in 2018.

The Crime and Initial Sentencing

In January 2018, Oseghale killed Mastropietro in the countryside near Macerata.

In 2019, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder, sexual assault, and the destruction of the victim’s body.

Appeal and Contested Conviction

Oseghale appealed against his conviction for rape, denying any sexual contact with the victim before her murder.

However, the Court of Cassation in Rome, on January 23, 2024, definitively upheld the life sentence for murder aggravated by sexual violence and the destruction and concealment of Mastropietro’s body.

Additional Charges and Legal Proceedings

The Supreme Court’s ruling added the charge of sexual violence, following a referral to the appeal process.

The victim’s family and their lawyer express mixed emotions about the decision, acknowledging justice but recognizing the ongoing pain of their loss.

Family’s Response

Pamela’s mother, Alessandra Verni, expressed relief at the court’s decision after a six-year legal journey.

The family’s lawyer, Marco Valerio Verni, emphasized their commitment to seeking the truth and the possibility of uncovering any accomplices in the crime.

Background of the Tragedy

The tragic story unfolded when Pamela, struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and a borderline personality, moved to a therapeutic community in Macerata.

On January 29, 2018, she left the community, encountering individuals who offered her assistance in exchange for sexual favors.

Timeline of Events

Pamela’s journey took a dark turn when she crossed paths with Oseghale, a drug dealer, on January 30.

Her body, horrifically mutilated, was found later that day in trolleys in Via dell’Industria.

Investigation and Sentencing

The investigation revealed that Oseghale drugged and raped Pamela before dismembering and disposing of her body.

While the initial sentencing included life imprisonment for murder, subsequent legal proceedings addressed the need for explicit motivations for the sexual violence charge.

The Supreme Court’s final ruling solidifies Oseghale’s life sentence, closing the chapter on a gruesome crime that shook Italy and providing some sense of closure for Pamela’s grieving family.