Navigating High Seas, Billionaire Requests, and Pirate Threats

Working on a superyacht catering to billionaires comes with its share of exclusivity and challenges. Giselle Azueta, a 39-year-old head stewardess, sheds light on the hidden aspects of the industry, from extravagant requests to the ever-present danger of pirate encounters.

Exclusive Perks and High-Pressure Situations

Giselle, who orchestrates events and dinners on board, unveils the perks and pressures of her unique job. From fulfilling extravagant requests like cooking dog steaks to maintaining the yacht’s opulence, her role requires versatility and impeccable service.

Despite the potential for high-pressure situations, Giselle expresses love for her work and the extraordinary experiences it offers.

Pirate Threats: Strict Protocols and Hiding Places

One of the most serious challenges in the superyacht world is the looming threat of pirates. Giselle shares the strict protocols in place to prevent piracy, emphasizing the paramount importance of keeping pirates from boarding the vessel.

Yachts employ various deterrents, including water jets and fences. However, if pirates manage to breach security, Giselle emphasizes the need for crew members to have designated hiding places and pray they go unnoticed. The threat extends beyond theft, with instances of abductions targeting crew or guests.

Love for the Job: VIP Pass to the World

Despite the potential dangers, Giselle highlights the joys of her job. Starting from a rented yacht, she climbed the ranks to become a head stewardess.

The requirements for such a role include fluency in English and completion of a ship survival course. Giselle describes the job as having a “VIP pass” all the time, offering opportunities to attend the best events and visit exotic locations worldwide.

Behind the Scenes: Event Planning and Impeccable Organization

Giselle’s responsibilities extend beyond thwarting pirate threats. She meticulously plans events and dinners, ensuring diverse and spectacular decorations.

Her duties include purchasing provisions, assisting the chef, managing allergies, and coordinating specialties. Giselle also oversees the yacht’s interior cleanliness, ensuring both guests and crew have everything they need for a seamless experience.

A Unique Lifestyle: Sunset Views and Unpronounceable Locations

Giselle captures the essence of her unique lifestyle, emphasizing the privilege of witnessing daily sunsets and exploring exotic locations. Her role encapsulates a blend of glamour, responsibility, and the need for constant vigilance in the unpredictable world of superyachts.

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