Subsidy Removal: SANWO-OLU starts Lagos food distribution program

Food aid will be provided to half a million homes.
In response to the Federal government’s elimination of the gasoline subsidy, Lagos State Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Sunday launched the distribution of food items for poor households under the Lagos Food Bank Programme.
The Lagos State Government has launched a food bank program as part of its social and economic intervention programs in response to the hardships some Lagosians are facing as a direct result of the Federal Government’s policy of removing fuel subsidies.

The Food Bank program is one of several initiatives introduced and carried out by Mayor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. The measures include free prenatal care and a 50 percent cut in the cost of using the government-owned bus system.

On Sunday, Governor Sanwo-Olu spoke at the launch of the Lagos Food Bank Programme at Lagos House, Ikeja. He noted that over 500,000 households would directly benefit from the initiative, and that over 2,500 MSMEs were involved in bag manufacturing, food aggregation, packaging, and logistics, with an additional 25,000 employees of the MSMEs being indirectly impacted.

Governor Sanwo-Olu assured the people of Lagos that all donated goods will be distributed to those who need them.

Using both bulk food items (50kg Rice, 50kg Garri, and 100kg Beans) for groups and food boxes (10kg Rice, 5kg Garri, and 5kg Beans) for individual vulnerable households, the program aims to provide staple food items to half a million low-income homes across the state.The Social Register of Vulnerable in the State will be used to determine which households are most in need of food assistance, and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget’s Social Protection Department will coordinate the distribution of the necessary supplies to those individuals and organizations.

A Monitoring Committee comprised of representatives from faith communities, labor unions, individuals with disabilities, NGOs, youth organizations, local government, and community groups will be formed to oversee the intervention’s execution.

For simplicity’s sake, distribution to the various recipient organizations will be staggered. According to the proposal, everyone would be notified of the collection day in advance.
So that more of our people in need of this intervention can be reached, I’d want to take this occasion to ask for the help of charitable and civic-minded individuals and groups in funding this initiative. You may rest assured that everything donated will be sent to those who need it most,” he stated.

In light of the current economic hardships, Governor Sanwo-Olu has pledged to do everything in his power to implement measures that will ease the suffering of the people of Lagos. He plans to do this by continuing to launch initiatives that will improve the lives of the people of Lagos.

Let me tell everyone of Lagos that we recognize the economic hardships you are facing at this moment,” he remarked. The Federal government’s current policies are tough, but they’re necessary if we want to put the economy back on a course that will lead to long-term growth and prosperity for all Americans.

With the promise that we will do everything in our power to implement measures that will cushion this temporary pain, I am appealing for the continued understanding of all Lagosians and promising to continue initiating programs and projects that will uplift our people and provide quality living conditions for all.

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