Stylish Floor Tile Ideas: 6 Inspiring Designs to Transform Your Spaces

Tiles are an excellent choice if you want durable and stylish flooring, especially for your living room. Tiles have many uses depending on the type so some are better for specific rooms. And when people think of floor tiles, bathrooms and kitchens are the first to come to mind. However, any other room in the house can use different tile floorings as well.

But, as said earlier, you need to consider the type of tile that goes with the room. In interior design, tiles dictate the feel and ambiance of a room. Choosing the right tiles can be overwhelming for homeowners so they consult interior designers.

Choosing tile designs for your floor also depends on your culture and aesthetic. Some prefer dark tiles for their flooring, while others prefer light tones. But all of this doesn’t mean that your floor ideas should be limited. With all of the designs and tiles manufactured these days, you can set your creativity free.

Transform Your Spaces with These 6 Stylish Floor Tile Ideas

We’ve gathered different ideas and tile combinations into the following list. These might inspire you when you decide to change your floor tiles.

Creatively Use Tiles for Contrasting Color Schemes

The floor is a canvas where you can get creative with different tile colors and textures. By clashing patterns and materials, you can make a unique design that expresses your personality. 

You can obtain such materials by visiting a tile store and browsing their various collection. You’ll find high-quality and unique tiles from the classics to the best sellers. You’ll also find which tiles are currently trending for any room you desire.

You can use vintage floor tiles with uniform patterns and contrast them with porcelain tiles on the walls. The room will be rich with different textures and shapes. The design of the flooring will elevate the use of other materials within the space, be it marble or ceramic.

Traditional Brickwork for Kitchen Tiles

Brickwork or brick-style tiles are most commonly used for kitchens, but they’re not limited to that space. A brickwork pattern can create a clean floor design that gives an industrial feel. Some use brickwork for their kitchen backsplash which gives it a classic bakery-esque atmosphere.

If your kitchen uses an all-white color scheme, using dark stone tiles will complement the white appliances and cabinets. It’s a classic and stylish color contrast that gives the space a grounded feel.

The best part about brickwork tiles is they can be integrated into homes of any style. It doesn’t matter if you lay them vertically or horizontally, it’s a classic that goes with anything!

Get Creative with Vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tiles are worth considering for your new floor tile design. It’s becoming a more popular choice among homeowners because of its features. LVT flooring is known to be resistant to scratches and is easy to maintain due to modern technology.

They’re extremely durable designs that replicate patterns that we see every day. There are several designs to choose from and they’re usable in any room. But because of their durability, they’re best used in high-traffic rooms like living rooms and kitchens.

Mediterranean Tiles for a Refreshing Outdoors Feel

An outdoor space is usually the least of an interior designer’s concerns. However, it’s also a place where people spend a lot of their time together. But with the pandemic, it’s not the best option for many people. Hence, you can use tiles with outdoor themes for your room.

Mediterranean tiles are perfect for an outdoor atmosphere because of their cool colors that are reminiscent of the sea. One can say its colors are refreshing and cozy. And its shapes and patterns are interesting enough to catch your guest’s attention.

You can opt to buy exotic tiles from European countries, namely Spain, Germany, and Italy. But you can approach your local tile store for similar designs and save yourself the expense of going abroad. 

Pattern-ception: Patterns within Patterns

Some tiles are designed to have patterns within patterns. These tiles are mostly used in the dining room and have wide dimensions of patterns. The way the designs are angled gives your interior a very attractive appearance. 

Though the design isn’t clear at first glance, your guests will eventually recognize the pattern. You’ll find that the patterns tend to have an intricate merging effect. Hence, these tiles are a good way to amuse your guests with their unique patterns.

Some of these patterns are motifs that consist of inspiring designs with vibrant colors that are sure to uplift your mood. Motif-designed tiles can feature everything you’d want for a home interior design. 

Because the tiles tend to have a hypnotizing effect on viewers, the manufacturer lay them straight. That method makes the tiles look intricate and classy, giving your room a whole new feel. 

Motif tiles come in different designs as well so you’re free to mix and match to your heart’s content. Visiting a tile store and looking at the motif tiles side by side should give you good ideas.

Get in Touch with Nature: Organic Design

What could be more in touch with nature than earth colors? Clay-colored tiles in a room can give off a warm and organic feel. It’s a great design to contrast with colorful abstract curtains and other objects.

Clay-colored tiles also go well with green and blue tones for a full nature-inspired color scheme. Having potted plants in the room will only look natural too. Some designers pair clay-colored tiles with white or light-colored walls to make the clay color pop.


Having tiles for floorings is a common choice among homeowners though there are several tiles to choose from. From the classic brickwork to the technologically advanced vinyl tiles, homeowners can be as creative as they wish. If you’re confused about the decisions to make, you can consult with interior designers and professionals to help you.

Homeowners can also match or contrast color schemes for their rooms. This method will elevate their appliances and cabinets with a contrasting color scheme. You can also use brickwork tiles in your kitchen for an industrial feel. Or vinyl tiles if you want durable and technologically advanced tiles. Though vinyl is commonly used for high-traffic rooms, you can use it for any room too.

If want to bring the outdoors indoors, you can opt for Mediterranean tiles for an outdoor atmosphere. If you’re feeling playful, using tiles with patterns within patterns or motif tiles will express that. Your guests will also see your cheerful and creative side by playing with differently-designed tiles.

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