Structured Water – The Latest Wellness Trend Claiming Designer Molecules for Enhanced Health

Structured Water – The Latest Wellness Trend Claiming Designer Molecules for Enhanced Health

A Pricy Wellness Trend:

In the ever-evolving world of wellness, a new trend has emerged, introducing the concept of ‘structured’ water with designer ‘molecules.’

Priced at $26 and available at the trendy LA grocery store Erewhon, this water claims to undergo molecular alterations resulting in a hexagonal shape, a feature said to offer a myriad of health benefits.

Claims and Benefits of Structured Water:

Devotees of structured water argue that its hexagonal structure enables it to ‘hold more energy,’ providing a ‘recharging’ effect on the body, ultimately leading to enhanced hydration compared to regular water.

Advocates also attribute additional benefits to this water, including improved digestion, immunity, increased energy levels, reduced inflammation, and even potential weight loss.

Scientific Backing – Dr. Gerard Pollack’s Discovery:

The concept of structured water finds its roots in the research of Dr. Gerard Pollack, a bioengineering professor at the University of Washington.

According to Dr. Pollack, exposing water to infrared light can induce the formation of hexagonal clusters in water molecules, contributing to the purported benefits of structured water.

DIY Structured Water – TikTok Trends:

Structured water enthusiasts showcase do-it-yourself methods on TikTok, garnering millions of views.

Techniques range from swirling water with a straw or blender to using specialized equipment like infrared light and a standalone ‘water vortex.’

The Mayu brand’s $160 vortex, endorsed by Kourtney Kardashian’s wellness website Poosh, claims to restructure water molecules during the swirling process.

Dr. Janine Bowring’s Tips – Naturopathic Perspective:

Naturopathic doctor Dr. Janine Bowring, with almost a million TikTok followers, shares insights on structuring water.

She suggests simple practices such as swirling water as it pours into a glass to create a vortex, exposing water to direct sunlight, and incorporating crystals.

These actions, according to Dr. Bowring, contribute to the structuring of water and its potential health benefits.

Defining Structured Water – Poosh’s Perspective:

Structured water is defined in a Poosh article as water in its ‘natural spring state,’ characterized by beautifully formed hexagonal configurations resembling perfect snowflakes.

In contrast, regular tap water is deemed unstructured or chaotic, lacking the crystalline formations associated with the structured variant.


As the popularity of structured water grows, enthusiasts on social media platforms like TikTok showcase various methods to transform regular water into a supposedly enhanced version.

The trend combines scientific concepts with DIY practices, reflecting the ongoing fascination with wellness and unconventional health solutions.

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