Zara McDermott ‘proud’ to breakthrough the ‘Love Island stigma’ prior to 2023 series: ‘I’ve worked hard’

Zara McDermott: From Reality TV to Strictly Come Dancing

Zara McDermott, known for her reality TV roots and subsequent career as a documentarian, is set to take on a new challenge by joining the cast of Strictly Come Dancing. In her journey from reality TV star to documentary maker, she hopes to change perceptions about individuals originating from reality shows.

Reality TV Star Turned Documentarian

Zara McDermott rose to fame when she appeared on ITV2’s Love Island in 2018, where audiences followed her romantic journey with then-partner Adam Collard. However, her trajectory in the spotlight took an unexpected turn as she transitioned from reality TV to become a documentarian. She has fronted three BBC documentaries exploring critical topics like disordered eating, rape culture, and revenge porn. Her work in shedding light on these important issues showcases her commitment to addressing social and cultural concerns.

Embracing New Challenges: Strictly Come Dancing

Now, at the age of 26, Zara McDermott is gearing up for her most significant project yet: participating in Strictly Come Dancing. She is not only the first Love Island contestant to take on this dance competition but also one of the few reality TV stars to venture into the world of Strictly. This marks a milestone in her career, and she is proud of the journey she has undertaken since her reality TV debut.

Challenging Perceptions of Reality TV

McDermott believes that her path from reality television to documentary-making and now to Strictly Come Dancing serves as a testament to the fact that individuals from reality shows can achieve significant success in other areas. She hopes to break the stigma surrounding reality TV, emphasizing that participation in such shows should not limit individuals’ potential for future accomplishments.

Facing the Strictly Curse

Regarding the infamous “Strictly curse,” known for straining relationships between celebrities and their professional dance partners or even their significant others, Zara McDermott expressed her eagerness to participate in the show. She has long harbored a dream of competing on Strictly and is excited about the opportunity. She emphasized the support she receives from her partner, former Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson, who, like others on the show, is encouraging and understanding of her aspirations.

Zara McDermott’s journey from reality TV to documentary-making and now to the grand stage of Strictly Come Dancing showcases her evolution as a public figure and her commitment to pursuing diverse and meaningful projects. Her participation in the show reflects her dedication to realizing her dreams and challenging preconceptions about reality TV personalities.