Strictly Come Dancing Sparks Controversy Over Claudia Winkleman’s T-Shirt

Strictly Come Dancing Faces Backlash for Teasing Contestant’s Child

Audience Outcry

Viewers of Strictly Come Dancing are criticizing the show for what they perceive as an attempt to embarrass one of the contestants’ children.

The incident occurred after Krishnan Guru-Murthy’s dance performance, when host Claudia Winkleman engaged in a conversation with the Channel 4 newscaster.

During their chat, the topic shifted to Krishnan’s son Jay, who was present in the audience.

Running Joke

There has been an ongoing joke surrounding Jay’s supposed embarrassment about watching his father perform on the show.

In a light-hearted attempt to playfully tease him, Claudia Winkleman donned a white t-shirt with the phrase “hello Jay” emblazoned on the front.

Mixed Reactions

While Krishnan Guru-Murthy and his fellow contestants on the show seemed to take the joke in good spirits, many home audiences didn’t share the sentiment.

Viewers took to Twitter to express their disapproval, accusing the show of making Jay “suffer” due to the public teasing.

Social Media Response

On social media, comments included expressions of sympathy for Jay, with one person simply stating, “poor Jay.”

Another viewer humorously added, “#Strictly be like: Jay must suffer.”

While some appreciated the humor, others urged restraint, as one tweet read, “Loving the hello Jay shirt but don’t keep doing it and embarrassing the poor lad.”

Exposure Therapy?

A more lighthearted take on the situation came from someone who said, “I think after all this, nothing can embarrass Jay anymore.

This is exposure therapy.”

The reactions to this playful jest on the show highlight the fine line between humor and sensitivity in the realm of entertainment.