Steve Coogan on the Weight of Responsibility Playing Jimmy Savile in BBC’s “The Reckoning

Steve Coogan’s Perspective on Portraying Jimmy Savile

Steve Coogan, a two-time Oscar nominee, has taken on the challenging role of playing the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile in the upcoming BBC documentary series “The Reckoning.”

Coogan acknowledges the weight of responsibility that comes with portraying such a controversial figure and discusses the importance of not ignoring the case.

Recognizing the Risk and Responsibility

Coogan describes accepting the role as a “risk,” but one that he believes is essential to ensure that people can learn from the depraved exploitation of power that led to hundreds of young children becoming victims of Savile.

He emphasizes that creating content with substance and value often requires taking risks, and “The Reckoning” falls into that category.

Aiming to Shed Light on a Dark Period

“The Reckoning” is set to debut on BBC One on October 9th, and it consists of four parts.

Coogan acknowledges that the drama has faced criticism even before its release due to concerns about potentially immortalizing a serial abuser.

However, he believes that discussing dark periods in our cultural past is crucial.

Sweeping such issues under the carpet can prevent society from learning from its mistakes, and Coogan hopes the series will contribute to a better understanding of the events surrounding Savile.

Synopsis of “The Reckoning”

The official synopsis of the BBC mini-series outlines the portrayal of Jimmy Savile by Steve Coogan.

It describes Savile as a man who, over decades, became one of the UK’s most influential celebrities but has since become one of the most reviled figures in modern history due to revelations of extensive and horrific abuse.

The series delves into how Savile used his involvement in various organizations to legitimize himself and form connections in show business, politics, journalism, the Catholic Church, and even the Royal family.

Unveiling a Shocking History

Jimmy Savile’s history of abuse spanned four decades, with at least 72 children molested, some as young as eight years old.

He used his fame and connections to commit these acts of abuse while enjoying a high-profile career in British television.

The documentary series aims to shed light on the extent of his crimes and the systemic failures that allowed him to operate unchecked for so long.

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