Jimmy Savile Admitted to Faking Dislike for Children to Deter Paedophile Rumors

Jimmy Savile’s False Claim to Louis Theroux

In an interview with Louis Theroux for his 2000 documentary, “When Louis Met Jimmy,” Jimmy Savile, the late entertainer, shockingly admitted to disliking children as a ploy to dispel rumors of paedophilia that swirled around him during his lifetime.

Savile, who was exposed as a prolific sex offender after his death in 2011, made this claim during a car ride with Louis in a scene from the documentary.

Savile’s Explanation for the Deceptive Statement

When Louis Theroux questioned Savile about his statement of hating children, the entertainer clarified, “Obviously I don’t hate them, that’s number one.”

Savile then explained that he had made the statement because he believed it was easier for a single man like himself to say that he disliked children.

He believed that such a statement would deter tabloid journalists from pursuing salacious stories about him.

Louis Theroux’s Perspective

Louis Theroux, who interviewed Savile long before the entertainer’s crimes were exposed, chimed in to highlight the motive behind Savile’s claim.

He pointed out that it was a tactic to prevent tabloids from raising suspicions about whether he was a paedophile.

Savile acknowledged this, emphasizing that it was essential to keep the tabloids away from the “is he/isn’t he a paedophile” line of inquiry.

He argued that no one could truly know whether he was a paedophile or not, and he asserted, “I know I’m not.”

Perceived Suspicion

Louis Theroux expressed that, in his view, Savile’s approach to deflecting rumors appeared more suspicious.

However, Savile firmly maintained that it had worked effectively for him, describing it as “a dream.” He defended his policy of claiming not to like children as a strategy that served its purpose.

Jimmy Savile’s Legacy and Louis Theroux’s Reflection

Jimmy Savile’s disgraceful past as a sex offender only came to light after his death in 2011. In 2019, Louis Theroux, reflecting on his documentary with Savile, stated that it was “the strangest and most upsetting event” in his career.

The revelations from their interview shed light on the manipulative tactics Savile employed to safeguard his reputation while engaging in disturbing criminal activities.

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