St David’s Hall Takeover Revealed: Draft Notice Discloses £38 Million Repair Costs

St David’s Hall Takeover Revealed: Draft Notice Discloses £38 Million Repair Costs

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media. A draft notice for the takeover of St David’s Hall in Cardiff has unveiled the estimated repairs bill of approximately £38 million.


The Cardiff Council has released the draft voluntary ex-ante (VEAT) notice, which provides further details of the proposed agreement between the council and Academy Music Group (AMG) for the venue’s takeover.

The publication of the notice aims to invite potential competitors to challenge the bid.

Details of the Proposed Agreement:

The draft VEAT notice outlines that the proposed arrangement involves a 45-year lease grant to AMG, with a requirement for the venue to be available for third-party bookings for up to 90 days per year.

The council is expected to consider the final lease agreement with AMG in July, provided that no challenges to AMG’s offer arise during the VEAT process.

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Obligations and Requirements:

According to the VEAT document, the lease will impose an obligation on AMG to keep St David’s Hall open and in a safe and operational condition, in compliance with industry standards and statutory requirements.

Additionally, AMG will be required to rectify any “defects” during the lease term, with an estimated value of £38 million.


The lease will also necessitate AMG to provide accommodation/venue services and staff support for events, without any payment from the council for these services.

Potential Financial Relief for Cardiff Council:

By transferring the running and maintenance responsibilities of St David’s Hall to AMG, the Cardiff Council anticipates significant cost savings.

The council currently faces a budget deficit of £24 million, and relinquishing control of the venue could help alleviate some financial strain.

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Prospects for Competition and Procurement:

In the event that another potential operator challenges AMG’s proposal, a formal procurement process would be initiated.

The VEAT notice will be effective for 28 days, during which interested parties can express their intentions.

The Cardiff Council’s economy and culture scrutiny committee will convene on May 31 to discuss the draft VEAT notice and determine the subsequent steps for St David’s Hall.


The publication of the draft VEAT notice has shed light on the estimated repairs cost associated with the takeover of St David’s Hall.

The Cardiff Council aims to attract potential competitors by providing comprehensive details of the proposed agreement with AMG.


By transferring the venue’s management to AMG, the council hopes to reduce its financial burden.

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The upcoming scrutiny committee meeting will further delve into the VEAT notice and chart the course ahead for St David’s Hall.

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