Nigerian Singer Portable Explores Acting Career, Joins Nollywood Stars on Film Set

Nigerian Singer Portable Explores Acting Career, Joins Nollywood Stars on Film Set

…By Enitan Thompson for TDPel Media. Popular Nigerian singer, Habeeb Okikiola, better known by his stage name Portable, has recently expressed his interest in exploring a career in acting.


Videos of him on set with renowned movie stars in Nigeria have emerged on social media, hinting at his foray into the world of acting.

Arrival in Asaba for Film Shoot

After indicating his interest in joining Nollywood a few months ago, Portable arrived in Asaba, Delta State, to participate in a film shoot.

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Asaba is a prominent location in Nigeria’s thriving film industry, and it serves as a hub for numerous movie productions.

On the Set of “Three Wills”

Portable is currently working on the set of a new film titled “Three Wills,” alongside distinguished Nollywood veterans such as Ebele Okari and Harry Anawun, among others.

The movie promises to showcase the talents of these seasoned actors, alongside Portable’s debut performance.

Behind-the-Scenes Fun

Videos shared on social media capture Portable engaging in lighthearted moments with the Nollywood stars while waiting for their upcoming film to be released.


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In one clip, he can be seen playfully greeting an actress by bending down.

In another, he exchanges warm greetings with Harry B, further illustrating his camaraderie with his co-stars.

Curiosity about Portable’s Acting Skills

Given Portable’s inherently dramatic personality, his fans are left wondering whether he will excel as an actor.

The singer’s enthusiastic following eagerly anticipates witnessing his talent and adaptability in the realm of acting.


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