Haunting at the Historic Library Restaurant: Ghost Caught on CCTV Sparks Local Stories

Eerie Encounter at Library Restaurant

In a spine-chilling incident, a historic 18th-century restaurant, the Library Restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, believes it has captured the presence of a ‘ghost’ on camera.

The sighting has drawn local witnesses who shared their own supernatural tales related to this renowned establishment.

Ghostly Presence on CCTV

The eerie event was documented through the restaurant’s CCTV system, as it appeared to capture a ‘ghost’ passing by the front of the building.

Staff members maintain that the entity triggered a motion detector as it drifted past, dismissing the possibility of it being merely car lights or a gust of wind.

A Haunted History

The Library Restaurant, located in the Rockingham Hotel, has a rich history of reported hauntings, meticulously documented over the years.

This establishment is described as an “elegant, 1785 mansion serving as a backdrop for a steakhouse, fine wines, and a vibrant bar scene.”

Presidential Patronage and Ghostly Tales

Throughout its 238-year existence, the restaurant has been frequented by high-profile politicians, including George Washington, Franklin Pierce, James K. Polk, Theodore Roosevelt, Chester Arthur, William Taft, and John F. Kennedy. The venue’s basement, known as the Library, is particularly infamous for paranormal encounters.

Unexplained Motion Detection

The restaurant shared the startling footage, noting that their motion detectors inside the building detected unusual activity, seemingly captured by the outdoor camera.

The unexplained incident, occurring in the dead of night, prompted questions about its significance, especially given the time of year.

Local Accounts of the Supernatural

In response to the ghostly sighting, local patrons shared their own experiences with the Library Restaurant’s purported hauntings.

Some recounted tales of a “lady in white” seen in the hallways and even composed poems about their encounters.

Several individuals asserted that the women’s bathroom in the lower level of the restaurant is haunted, sharing their personal experiences.

Skeptics and Alternative Explanations

Amid the fascination with the ghostly sighting, skeptics pointed out potential inconsistencies in the video, including jump cuts and altered timecodes.

Some viewers proposed that the phenomenon could be attributed to natural occurrences such as fog, wind, or steam.

Haunted History and Restless Entities

The Rockingham Hotel’s hauntings are associated with entities like Sarah Shelborne Langdon, linked to a scandalous affair with John Paul Jones.

Restless entities like Shelborne Langdon are believed to linger in the mortal realm to clear their name before moving on to the afterlife. Additionally, the presence of a drowning victim is said to be accompanied by the strong aroma of the sea, making her a friendly and welcoming ghostly presence in the hotel.

The Library Restaurant’s latest encounter with the paranormal adds to the lore of a place where history and the supernatural converge.

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