Drunken Ryanair Passenger’s Violent Onboard Incident Delays Flight from Manchester to Dublin

Disruptive Drunk Passenger Delays Flight

An alarming incident unfolded on a Ryanair flight from Manchester to Dublin, as a drunken passenger created chaos on board, leading to significant delays.

The disruptive individual’s actions, reportedly fueled by the consumption of Jägermeister, resulted in a tense situation involving cabin crew and fellow passengers.

Confrontation with Cabin Crew

The disruptive passenger, who had purchased a litre of Jägermeister at duty-free before boarding, was filmed pushing a male cabin crew member.

As others urged him to sit down, a female crew member attempted to restrain him by pulling him backward. Despite their efforts, the situation escalated.

Passenger Outcry

Amid the commotion, another passenger with a five-year-old child expressed her concern, demanding the disruptive individual to sit down.

A third crew member pleaded with the unruly passenger to stop, but he continued to resist.

Flight Delays and Passenger Accounts

The flight, initially scheduled for 10:40 PM on Friday, departed at 3:29 AM the following day, nearly five hours behind schedule. A 37-year-old woman who witnessed the incident described the passenger as “swearing” and “violent” during the flight.

She also noted that the crew’s working hours may have been exceeded, necessitating the arrival of new staff.

Anxiety and Confined Passengers

The witness, who was a nervous flyer and flying alone for the first time, expressed her distress, especially as the flight remained on the tarmac during the incident.

The plane eventually returned to the gate, where passengers waited for hours. Some, including children as young as five, were reportedly in tears due to the extended delay.

Resolution by Authorities

The disruptive passenger was reportedly arrested and removed from the flight by police officers. Both Greater Manchester Police and Ryanair have been contacted for official statements regarding the incident.

Passengers on the flight experienced anxiety and frustration due to the disruptive individual’s actions, highlighting the challenges airlines face in maintaining safety and order on board.

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