Speaker of the House Confronts Business Secretary over U-turn on Scrapping EU Laws

Speaker of the House Confronts Business Secretary over U-turn on Scrapping EU Laws

...By Larry John for TDPel Media.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, expressed his anger towards Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch regarding the government’s U-turn on the revocation of EU laws after Brexit.


Sir Lindsay criticized the government for announcing the policy change through a newspaper and issuing a written statement to MPs before informing Parliament directly.

During a debate, tensions escalated when Ms Badenoch apologized for the timing of the announcement, which led Sir Lindsay to snap back and question her choice of words.

Contentious Parliamentary Debate

The debate on the U-turn took place on Thursday, with MPs voicing their concerns and criticizing Ms Badenoch for her perceived lack of engagement and condescending responses to questions about the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill.

Sir Lindsay, who granted an urgent question on the matter, emphasized the significance of Parliament’s involvement in such announcements, stating that the government should inform elected representatives before the media and through proper parliamentary procedures.

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The Speaker’s Rebuke and Demands

Sir Lindsay expressed his dissatisfaction with the government’s approach, highlighting the importance of Parliament’s role in decision-making.

He rebuked Ms Badenoch, stating that her apology for the timing of the announcement was inadequate.


Following an off-microphone remark from Ms Badenoch, Sir Lindsay challenged her understanding of the parliamentary process and asserted his position as the defender of the House and its members.

He insisted that elected representatives have the right to be informed first and demanded that the government show respect for Parliament’s authority.

Apologies and Clarifications

In response to Sir Lindsay’s rebuke, Ms Badenoch apologized and attempted to clarify her earlier statement. She acknowledged that she had not met the expected standards of secretaries of state and asked for forgiveness for her choice of words.

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However, tensions remained high as the Speaker stressed the need for the government to recognize the importance of parliamentary protocols and treat all Members of Parliament with proper respect.

Analysis and Commentary

The confrontation between the Speaker of the House and the Business Secretary highlights the ongoing tensions between the executive branch and Parliament over the transparency and procedures of government announcements.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s insistence that Parliament should be informed before the media reflects a long-standing principle of democratic governance, where elected representatives are granted the right to hear significant announcements firsthand.

This incident also underscores the importance of maintaining proper decorum and respect within the parliamentary setting.

The Speaker’s firm response to what he perceived as a lack of respect from the Secretary of State emphasizes the need for all government officials to adhere to established protocols and treat Parliament with due deference.

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Furthermore, this confrontation serves as a reminder of the Speaker’s role as the guardian of the House of Commons and its members.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle’s determination to protect Parliament’s authority and ensure its proper functioning demonstrates his commitment to upholding democratic principles and parliamentary traditions.

In conclusion, this clash between the Speaker and the Business Secretary highlights the need for the government to prioritize transparent communication with Parliament and respect the established procedures of democratic governance.

It also emphasizes the crucial role of the Speaker in maintaining the integrity of the parliamentary process and safeguarding the rights of elected representatives.


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