Dogs Shot Dead After Owner Tasered by Police – Investigations Underway

Dogs Shot Dead After Owner Tasered by Police – Investigations Underway

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

Introduction and Police Referrals

Following an incident in Poplar, east London, where a man was tasered by Metropolitan Police officers and two dogs were shot dead, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) has voluntarily referred two complaints related to the incident.


The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) is currently assessing the referrals to determine the necessary actions.

Description of the Incident

Video footage shared on social media shows officers pursuing a man who was holding two dogs on a short lead along the canal on a Sunday afternoon.

The situation escalated, resulting in the man being tasered and the dogs being shot dead.

Charges and Court Appearance

Louie Turnbull, a 46-year-old individual with no fixed address, appeared in custody at Thames Magistrates’ Court after being charged with dangerous dog offenses.

The charges include being the owner of a dangerously out-of-control dog and being in possession or custody of a dog while disqualified from owning or keeping one.

Protest and Activists’ Reaction

A small group of animal activists organized a protest outside Limehouse police station, bringing their own dogs.


The protesters held placards expressing their anger and demanding justice for the dogs that were shot.

The demonstrators argued that dogs deserve fair treatment and the opportunity for a trial.

Police Statement and Internal Review

The Metropolitan Police issued a statement explaining that the charges resulted from a call reporting a woman being attacked by a dog on Commercial Road.

Upon arrival, officers found a woman who claimed that two dogs had attacked her dog.

The police decided to euthanize both dogs at the scene.

The owner of the dogs was arrested, and a taser was discharged during the arrest.

The police conducted a thorough review of the incident, including examining available body camera footage, and concluded that there were no concerns regarding the conduct of the officers involved.

Analysis and Commentary

The incident involving the shooting of two dogs after their owner was tasered by the police has sparked public outrage and led to calls for a thorough investigation.


The voluntary referrals made by the Metropolitan Police to the IOPC indicate a recognition of the need for an independent examination of the events.

The video footage circulating on social media has elicited strong reactions from animal activists, who argue that the dogs should have been given a fair trial rather than being immediately euthanized.

The protest outside Limehouse police station reflects the public’s demand for justice and accountability in cases involving animal welfare.

The police statement asserting that there were no concerns regarding the officers’ conduct may not appease those who believe that the incident should be scrutinized further.

The IOPC’s assessment of the case will be crucial in determining whether any further actions need to be taken.

Incidents involving the use of force by the police and the treatment of animals often generate significant public interest and raise important questions about law enforcement practices and the protection of animal rights.

The outcome of this investigation will likely contribute to ongoing discussions about the appropriate use of force by law enforcement and the treatment of animals in such situations.

In conclusion, the shooting of two dogs and the taser incident involving their owner have prompted investigations by both the Metropolitan Police and the IOPC.


The public outcry and protests emphasize the need for a thorough examination of the events and potential consequences for those involved.

This case adds to the broader conversation surrounding police conduct and the treatment of animals, highlighting the importance of accountability and transparency in such matters.

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