Spanish Cops Arrests Brits In Connection To Rape Case

Spanish Cops Arrests Brits In Connection To Rape Case


Following a “rape at a Magaluf hotel,” three Brits are detained: Two weeks after another lady “was “gang-raped,” “Spanish cops grab tourists trying to travel back to Manchester.”

The alleged victim asserted that she might have taken drugs before to being raped.

Less than a fortnight after an alleged gang rape of a UK tourist in the Spanish beach town, three British vacationers have been detained on suspicion of raping a woman at a Magaluf hotel.

This afternoon, Majorcan police confirmed that the three guys had been stopped as they attempted to board a flight for Manchester.

According to reliable sources, the woman who raised the alarm claims she may have been drugged.


There are ongoing tests to look for any evidence of unknown drugs.

The Civil Guard has arrested three young males as the suspected authors of a crime of sexual assault against a woman at a hotel in Calvia, according to a spokesman who confirmed the arrests today.

Calvia is a municipality that includes Magaluf.

A hotel in the municipality alerted the central response unit this morning about a potential sexual assault.

A police patrol visited the hotel and spoke with a young tourist who said that individuals she had met the night before had sexually assaulted her in the early hours of this morning.


She also claimed to have experienced chemical submission given that she felt utterly ill, perhaps as a result of ingesting some sort of medicine.

She claimed that the only thing she knew about the alleged aggressors was the online monicker that one of them went by.

The official went on to say that woman had been transported to the hospital for additional testing, adding that “Officers identified the alleged aggressors who had just left the hotel with the intention of taking a flight back to their home country.”

Just before they boarded a flight for Manchester, they were detained at the Palma Airport.

It occurs just over two weeks after eight men were detained in connection with the alleged gang rape of a different British adolescent.


Six people are being held in Mallorca, and two more are soon to be deported from France.

Seven of the suspects, who range in age from 18 to 26, are French, while the eighth is a Swiss citizen.

This Monday, Spanish officials made it known that the eight men had never met before the suspected gang-rape.

On August 14, at around 5 a.m., the girl left her hotel at the BH Mallorca Resort, telling authorities that she had woken up surrounded by young people brandishing cellphones.

Officers later recognised three guys after the girl’s phone, which was allegedly stolen during the incident, rang.


At least nine British tourists and one Irish woman were allegedly the targets of rapes and sex assaults as of August 20.

The reports are “horrifying,” according to Katie Kempen, CEO of the nonprofit Victim Support, and women ought to be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about being attacked.

“Recent reports of rape and sexual violence against British women while on vacation abroad are horrifying,” said Ms. Kempen.

Women and girls should be free to enjoy themselves without the worry of being attacked or abused, whether in the UK or anywhere else in the globe.

In order to better assist victims, the Foreign Office claimed it had given staff members additional training.


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