Archbishop Argüello Urges Reflection on Migration Amid Europe’s Demographic Crisis and Moral Concerns

Amidst Europe’s demographic crisis, Archbishop Argüello delivers a pointed critique, accusing the continent of displaying “contempt for human dignity” by simultaneously rejecting immigrants while sanctioning abortion.

He highlights how Europe’s demographic decline is exacerbated by policies that discourage immigration, even as populations dwindle.

Questioning Cultural and Political Currents

The archbishop urges a deeper examination of the cultural and political forces driving contemporary globalism.

He suggests that policies promoting immigration and reproductive health may serve the interests of a “moralistic and uniform capitalism,” contributing to population replacement strategies that prioritize economic objectives over human dignity.

Overcoming Polarization for the Common Good

In a call for unity, Archbishop Argüello emphasizes the need to transcend political polarization and collaborate on issues crucial for the common good.

He advocates for inclusive dialogue, listening to diverse perspectives, and forging agreements that uphold human dignity and advance both national and global well-being.

Catechism’s Guidance on Migration

Referencing the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Archbishop Argüello underscores the moral obligations regarding migration.

He highlights the duty of prosperous nations to welcome migrants in search of security and livelihood, while also emphasizing immigrants’ responsibilities to respect the laws and heritage of their host countries.

The archbishop’s message encourages adherence to principles of gratitude, obedience, and civic duty in the context of migration.

Acknowledgment of Source and Author

The article, originally published by ACI Prensa, CNA’s Spanish-language news partner, has been translated and adapted for broader readership.

Nicolás de Cárdenas, ACI Prensa’s correspondent in Spain, provides additional context on Archbishop Argüello’s statements and their implications.

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