Spain coach Jorge Vilda ‘sacked due to Luis Rubiales Constance fallout at Women’s World Cup winners’

A Temporary Calm Shattered While the conflict seemed momentarily subdued by the team’s triumph in Australia, it resurfaced dramatically during the World Cup trophy ceremony. RFEF president Luis Rubiales was involved in a controversial incident when he kissed midfielder Jenni Hermoso without her consent. Rubiales declined to resign and instead threatened legal action against Hermoso, a move that received an unexpected show of support from members during an emergency RFEF summit.

A Swift Reversal of Support Among those who initially applauded the president was Vilda, but his stance swiftly reversed. After his entire coaching staff resigned in protest, Vilda publicly condemned Rubiales’ actions in a statement. He expressed deep regret that the victory of Spanish women’s football had been marred by the inappropriate behavior of Luis Rubiales, the former top leader of the RFEF.

Rubiales’ Suspension and Apologies In the wake of the controversy, FIFA suspended Rubiales pending an investigation. Initially, Rubiales had apologized for his actions, but his successor, Pedro Rocha, formally apologized to the footballing community for Rubiales’ behavior.

Vilda’s Connection to the National Team Reports from Spain suggest that Rubiales had offered Vilda a new contract last month to extend his eight-year tenure in charge of the team. Vilda, a former Real Madrid youth player, has been involved with the national team setup since 2009, initially serving as a women’s youth coach.

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