South Africa and Russia Discuss Ukraine Conflict and Strengthen Ties

South Africa and Russia Discuss Ukraine Conflict and Strengthen Ties

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

Recent developments have highlighted a phone call between South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.


The Kremlin confirmed this communication, which occurred amidst claims by the United States (US) government that South Africa supplied Russia with weapons for the war in Ukraine.

These allegations have raised concerns about the impact on South Africa’s relationship with the US.

This article delves into the details of the phone call, the discussion between the two leaders regarding the Ukraine conflict, and the potential strengthening of ties between Russia and South Africa.

US Claims and Concerns

According to reports, US ambassador to South Africa, Reuben E Brigety, stated that the US discovered weapons on Lady R, a sanctioned Russian cargo vessel that docked at Simon’s Town in December 2022.

The presence of these weapons has raised alarms and sparked worries about South Africa’s ties to the Kremlin affecting its relationship with the US.

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The issue was raised as a concern during a recent visit to the US by a high-level South African delegation.


Witnesses in Simon’s Town observed the docking of Lady R, with container trucks entering the dockyard and cargo being loaded and unloaded under the cover of night, overseen by armed security personnel.

Discussion between Ramaphosa and Putin

The Kremlin confirmed that during the phone call, President Ramaphosa and President Putin discussed the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Putin expressed his willingness to consider diplomatic solutions to the crisis, despite the divided international community’s stance.

Moreover, Putin expressed support for Ramaphosa’s proposal to involve African leaders in talks regarding the Ukraine invasion, with the ultimate goal of resolving the conflict.

Strengthening Ties and Russian Assistance

The Kremlin also stated that both Russia and South Africa have agreed to enhance their ties, particularly in light of tensions with the US.

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Putin reportedly offered to provide Russian grain and fertilizers free of charge to African countries, including South Africa.

This gesture aims to strengthen economic cooperation between Russia and Africa.

The phone call between Ramaphosa and Putin is not the first of its kind, as the leaders previously discussed various important matters, including the Ukraine invasion, in June of the previous year.


Analysis and Commentaries

The phone call between President Cyril Ramaphosa and President Vladimir Putin reflects the complex dynamics of international relationships in the context of the Ukraine conflict.

The US’s allegations of South Africa supplying weapons to Russia have potential consequences for South Africa’s standing with its key ally, the US.

The concerns raised during the South African delegation’s visit highlight the importance of addressing the issue and ensuring transparency in the country’s dealings with sanctioned entities.

The discussion between Ramaphosa and Putin signifies the importance of diplomatic channels in resolving conflicts, even amidst global divisions on the issue.

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Ramaphosa’s proposal to involve African leaders in Ukraine talks demonstrates an effort to bring diverse perspectives and potential solutions to the table.

This approach may contribute to a more comprehensive and inclusive resolution process.

The offer by Putin to provide free Russian grain and fertilizers to African countries, including South Africa, could foster stronger economic ties between Russia and the continent.

It highlights Russia’s interest in expanding its influence and trade relationships beyond traditional partners.


This move may present opportunities for African nations, including South Africa, to diversify their trade partners and explore potential benefits in the agricultural sector.

The phone call and its outcomes underscore the intricate interplay between geopolitics, economic interests, and diplomatic strategies in navigating global conflicts and forging international alliances.

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