Countdown to Eurovision 2023 Final, Sam Ryder Hosts Ask Me Anything Session

Countdown to Eurovision 2023 Final, Sam Ryder Hosts Ask Me Anything Session

...By Joseph Benjamin for TDPel Media.

As the Eurovision 2023 final draws near, fans eagerly await the grand event.


Meanwhile, last year’s UK representative, Sam Ryder, is engaging with fans through an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on social media.

Ryder, who secured the second position in 2022, lost to the Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra.

In this AMA, he aims to answer questions from his devoted supporters.

Ask Me Anything Explained

Ask Me Anything is a popular feature on various social media platforms that allows users to invite their followers to ask questions about any subject or personal experiences.

It serves as a platform where celebrities, subject-matter authorities, businesspeople, or anyone with a unique perspective can be the subject of inquiries.

Users are granted the freedom to ask any question, and the individual or entity being questioned will respond either in real-time or within a specified timeframe.

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Originally popularized on Reddit, AMAs have now expanded to other platforms such as webinars, Facebook Live, and Instagram Stories.

While initially text-based, AMAs now incorporate interactive stickers and live social video features.

How and When to Ask Sam Ryder Questions

To participate in Sam Ryder’s AMA, he has chosen the Reddit platform for his session.

Questions can be submitted at r/Eurovision.

However, if you don’t have a Reddit account, you will need to register before submitting your inquiries.

Ryder will be actively answering questions in real-time, starting from 7 PM on Friday, May 12.

To ensure your questions are considered, make sure to submit them before the start of the session.

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As the duration of the AMA is uncertain, it is important to note that Ryder may not be able to answer every question submitted.


Where to Watch the Eurovision Final 2023

The Eurovision final is scheduled for Saturday, May 13.

Those interested in watching the event can tune in via live streams available on BBC1, BBC iPlayer, and the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube account.

Additionally, Vue cinemas across the nation will also broadcast the final, providing another viewing option for fans.

Analysis and Commentaries

The AMA session conducted by Sam Ryder prior to the Eurovision 2023 final serves as a unique opportunity for fans to engage with their favorite artist.

Ryder’s decision to use Reddit as the platform of choice showcases the widespread popularity and accessibility of the platform.

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By embracing the AMA format, Ryder allows his followers to directly interact with him and gain insights into his experiences as a Eurovision participant.

The inclusion of diverse performers from countries like Sweden, Finland, Spain, France, and Norway emphasizes the international character of the Eurovision Song Contest.

This event continues to captivate audiences worldwide, and the availability of multiple broadcasting options further facilitates widespread viewership.


The integration of technology and social media platforms into Eurovision, such as live streaming and interactive features, demonstrates the contest’s ability to evolve and adapt to changing times, ensuring its enduring appeal to fans across the globe.

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