Plastic Surgeon’s Wife Points Finger at Alleged Lover in Shocking Trial Twist – Blames Ex-Dodgers Star for Fatal Car Crash

Plastic Surgeon’s Wife Points Finger at Alleged Lover in Shocking Trial Twist – Blames Ex-Dodgers Star for Fatal Car Crash

Socialite Rebecca Grossman Attempts to Shift Blame in Murder Trial

In a sensational turn of events, the murder trial of Rebecca Grossman, accused of a fatal car crash that claimed the lives of two young brothers, has taken an unexpected twist.

Grossman’s defense team is pointing fingers at her alleged secret lover, former Dodgers’ pitcher Scott Erickson, suggesting he might have been responsible for the tragic incident.

Defense Claims Failure in Investigating Alleged Lover’s Involvement

During court proceedings, Rebecca Grossman’s lawyers alleged that law enforcement failed to properly investigate Scott Erickson’s potential involvement in the incident.

The defense argues that Erickson’s black Mercedes, reportedly chased by Grossman, was not thoroughly examined, raising questions about the sequence of events.

Allegations Surrounding Scott Erickson’s Vehicle Disputed in Court

Grossman’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, claimed that a sheriff’s investigator did not inspect Erickson’s vehicle and relied on his word regarding the car he was driving.

Buzbee suggested that Erickson had been inside a different vehicle on the day of the crash, challenging the integrity of the investigation.

Contradictory Testimonies and Lack of Evidence Questioned

Deputy District Attorney Ryan Gould responded, stating that there was no evidence supporting the defense’s claims, and the origin of the photograph that Buzbee intended to present was unknown.

The court witnessed a dispute over contradictory testimonies and a lack of concrete evidence regarding Erickson’s alleged involvement.

Rebecca Grossman and Husband Present in Court Amidst Scandal

Rebecca Grossman, accompanied by her plastic surgeon husband Dr. Peter Grossman, attended the court hearing. Dr. Grossman stands by his wife, despite the scandal surrounding allegations of an affair with Scott Erickson.

Crash Details and Charges Against Rebecca Grossman

The tragic crash occurred in September 2020, with Grossman accused of driving at 81mph, resulting in the deaths of eight-year-old Jacob Iskander and 11-year-old Mark Iskander.

The prosecution contends that Grossman was under the influence of alcohol and Valium during the incident.

Prosecution and Defense Present Conflicting Narratives

Prosecutor Jaime Castro argues that Grossman and Erickson engaged in a reckless race through Westlake Village, leading to the fatal crash.

The defense counters, asserting that a vehicle in front of Grossman struck the boys, potentially exonerating her and Erickson.

Trial Continues with Witnesses and Past Traffic Violations

The trial is set to include testimonies from witnesses, including a California Highway Patrol officer who previously pulled over Grossman for speeding.

Jurors are expected to hear about Grossman’s past traffic violations, and if convicted on all charges, she could face up to 34 years in prison.