Social Security Shenanigans – Candidate Uses Deceased Man’s Number in Job Application

Al Polson, founder of The Colonial Group, shared an anecdote about an engineer applicant whose credentials were far from truthful.

The candidate, placed in a manufacturing company, claimed to have an engineering degree.

However, the truth emerged when the vice president received a call from the applicant’s wife, revealing the fabrication.

Polson emphasized the difficulty in uncovering such lies and credited the wife for aiding in the revelation.

Identity Fraud in the Hiring Process

A recruiter highlighted in a February 15 Wall Street Journal feature recounted an incident where a candidate resorted to identity fraud.

This individual used the social security number of a deceased person during the application process.

The audacity of such acts showcases the lengths some applicants go to secure a job, often catching recruiters off guard.

Dual Employment Shenanigans: Juggling Two Jobs, One Too Many

Tony Beshara, president of Babich & Associates, recounted a scenario where a vice president of sales was exposed for dual employment.

Placed in a VP position by Beshara, the candidate simultaneously held a similar role at another company.

The elaborate ruse involved having a private office and a receptionist at each workplace.

The deceit was unraveled when the executive vice president of one company discovered the double job, leading to the immediate termination of the lying VP.

Résumé Roulette: Multiple Identities, Multiple Lies

Sunny Larkin-Newman, Director of Talent Excellence at Hospitality Ventures Management Group, shared an intriguing case involving a candidate with four different résumés.

The individual applied for various positions within the hospitality sector, each résumé containing conflicting employment details.

Despite confronting the candidate about the inconsistency, the deceptive practices persisted, highlighting the challenges recruiters face in verifying applicants’ credibility.


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