Social media star acknowledges being drawn to a 14-year-old child

A social media star who acknowledged being drawn to a 14-year-old child and claimed to see him as an adult was found guilty of twice sexually abusing the boy.

The unidentified 46-year-old lady had entered a not guilty plea to two counts of aggravated sexual contact with a minor.

She was charged of getting into a drunken bed with a teenager in the middle of the night in 2021 and having oral and penetrating intercourse with him.

A jury consisting of eight men and four women convicted her guilty of the child sex offences following an eight-day trial in the NSW District Court.

The jury foreperson responded to both accusations on Friday by saying, “Guilty.”

As the verdicts were read aloud to the court, perhaps ten of the woman’s supporters gasped in the rear of the room.

I saw family members hunched over, crying, and one man replied, ‘What?’As she was informed of her fate, the woman sat there expressionless, staring straight at the jurors.

Although she had acknowledged kissing the teenager in bed, the 46-year-old woman insisted that she had stopped before any sexual activity had place.

The jury rejected her evidence on Friday and concluded that she had first had oral sex with the 14-year-old before engaging in penetrative intercourse with him.

The influencer was caught on camera dancing in a “sexually suggestive” manner for the teenager just hours before she sexually attacked him.

She is shown twerking in front of the youngster, revealing her midriff through her top, and rubbing circles on her rear in the footage that was played for the court.

The erotic dance, according to crown prosecutor Emma Blizard, was evidence of the woman’s mental state just hours after she had entered the bedroom.

She cited a mid-2022 phone call that the influencer and the teen had, which the police had lawfully recorded.

The woman told the youngster, chuckling, “I started loving you so much (that) I got it confused, like, I started getting attracted to you.”

“Now you’re a man.”

You’re clearly a guy; you’re not a boy.

The influencer said she didn’t recall having sex with the adolescent during the chat that was recorded.

Ms. Blizard told the jury that she was lying when she claimed the sexual assault on the youngster just involved kissing or that she was too inebriated to recall the incident.

After the kid brought up the sex assault during the call, the 46-year-old lady said, “I used to have blackouts and I had a serious alcohol problem.”

The teenager estimated that she had consumed three bottles of wine, even though she remembered only having up to 1.5 bottles that night.

The influencer also testified in court that she offered her victim “half a glass” of wine prior to assaulting him sexually.

Judge Sarah Hopkins will sentence her at a later time.

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