Controversial TikTok Doorstop Hack Divides Opinion: Genius or Potential Damage

“Viral TikTok Doorstop Hack Sparks Controversy”

A TikTok video demonstrating an alternative use for a doorstop has gone viral, prompting both fascination and criticism.

The footage, originally posted by @giafromthe90s and reshared on Twitter, shows a person using a doorstop’s spring to hold a door open, suggesting a potential extra function beyond its conventional use.

“Controversial Claim Divides Internet Opinion”

The TikTok video, shared by @todayyearsoldig, has garnered millions of views and reactions since August 16. The brief clip displays the unconventional use of a doorstop, with the person in the video firmly placing their foot on the spring, effectively holding the door wide open.

The caption, “Oh so that’s why it’s called a door stopper???” adds to the intrigue.

“Divergent Reactions to Doorstop ‘Hack'”

While some viewers praised the TikTok user for the perceived ingenuity, others expressed skepticism and concern.

Comments ranged from amazement at the new application to doubts about the potential damage it could cause. The video’s caption, “You’re welcome,” emphasized the unexpected nature of the doorstop revelation.

“Potential Drawbacks and Criticisms”

Critics argued that the hack could be counterproductive, potentially damaging walls and going against the doorstop’s intended purpose.

Some viewers pointed out that the coil spring design serves a specific function in preventing damage caused by door knobs and cautioned against deviating from its intended use.

“User Defends the Doorstop Tradition”

Amid the divide in opinions, some viewers remained unfazed and expressed their intention to continue using doorstops in the traditional way.

Despite the controversy, one individual shared their nostalgia for bouncing doors off the spring, emphasizing the continued enjoyment of this childhood pastime.

“Past DIY Mishap Highlights Consequences”

The article recalls a 2013 incident where a council tenant faced a £5,000 bill for DIY work deemed ‘dangerous.’

The tenant’s attempt to renovate, including fitting new doors and building a shed, resulted in potential risks for future tenants. The anecdote serves as a cautionary tale about the consequences of improper DIY endeavors.