Sniffer Dog Unearths Murder Weapon, Helping Crack Dudley Builder’s Shocking Crime

In a chilling murder case that unfolded in Dudley, a skilled sniffer dog named Dodger played a pivotal role in helping investigators crack the case.

The victim, Sharon Gordon, had hired builder Peter Norgrove for a home improvement project.

However, their professional relationship turned sour, leading to a tragic event that shocked the community.

A Troubled Relationship Unravels:

Sharon Gordon had enlisted Peter Norgrove’s services to construct a downstairs bathroom in her Dudley home.

Introduced through a mutual friend from their church, their association soured as the project faced numerous challenges, including escalating costs and missed deadlines.

The tension reached its peak on a fateful day in July 2023, leading to Sharon’s untimely death.

Suspicious Movements Caught on Camera:

On the day of the incident, security footage captured Norgrove’s suspicious actions shortly after Sharon’s friends had left her home.

Wearing gloves for the first time, he entered the house, triggering a motion sensor camera. The footage revealed a chilling scream from inside the property, signaling a violent turn of events.

Discovery of the Crime:

Detective Inspector Damian Forrest revealed that, after the incident, Norgrove attempted to conceal the evidence by using a Next online shopping bag with Sharon’s name and address.

Blood-stained items were placed in a wheelie bin outside a relative’s home, adding a layer of complexity to the investigation.

Role of the Sniffer Dog:

Despite discovering numerous tools in a shed on the property, investigators struggled to find the murder weapon. In a critical turn of events, police dog Dodger, with his exceptional training, located the hidden lump hammer.

While seemingly clean, the tool bore traces of Sharon Gordon’s blood in imperceptible grooves, a discovery instrumental in tying Norgrove to the crime.

Unmasking the Culprit:

The CCTV footage contradicted Norgrove’s initial account, making him a suspect. However, it was the recovery of critical items, especially the bloodied hammer, that strengthened the case against him.

Detective Inspector Forrest emphasized the invaluable role played by Dodger, stating, “We would never have found the hammer if it wasn’t for the sniffer dog.”

Justice Served:

Peter Norgrove was sentenced to life with a minimum term of 15 years. The judge condemned his violent actions, highlighting Norgrove’s anger towards Sharon’s criticisms of his work.

Rhian Brown, Sharon Gordon’s daughter, spoke at the sentencing, expressing the profound impact of her mother’s tragic end and the irreversible loss suffered by the family.


The Dudley murder case, marked by deceit and tragedy, serves as a somber reminder of the importance of thorough investigations and the remarkable contributions of law enforcement tools, including highly trained sniffer dogs like Dodger.

Sharon Gordon’s untimely demise has left a lasting impact on her family and the community, emphasizing the need for swift justice and support for those facing domestic challenges.

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