Skill Acquisition for Empowerment: Orientation Talk at Lagos State Women Development Centre

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Setting Expectations: Emphasizing Values and Good Conduct

Mrs. Olufunke Adeleye Segun, the Director of Lagos State Women Development Centre (WDC), recently addressed the newly admitted students of the centre during an ‘Orientation Talk’ for the second batch of the Year 2023 intake.

In her speech, she stressed the significance of good comportment and stellar performance in their pursuit of new skills for empowerment and financial independence.


Fostering a Respectful Learning Environment

Mrs. Segun highlighted the core values upheld by the centre: respect, responsibility, and excellence.

She urged the students to internalize these values and cultivate cordial and respectful interactions with their fellow students and staff members.

Creating a positive and respectful learning environment is essential for a mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved.

Adherence to Rules and Regulations


To maintain discipline and order, Mrs. Segun made it clear that the centre would not tolerate fighting, loitering, littering, or any other misdemeanors.

All students are expected to conform to the laid down rules and regulations of the facility to ensure a conducive and focused atmosphere for learning.

Guidance and Support for Skill Acquisition

Reassuring the students, Mrs. Segun emphasized that the centre is committed to providing the guidance, support, and motivation they need to succeed in their skill acquisition program.

The students are encouraged to reach out to their instructors and classmates for assistance and collaboration when required to achieve their full potential and goals.


Investment in Personal Growth

While the training at the Women Development Centre is tuition-free, Mrs. Segun made it clear that students are responsible for providing materials for their practical sessions.

This investment in their personal growth reflects the commitment required from the students to make the most of the opportunities presented to them.

Ownership of Learning and Facility

In her concluding remarks, Mrs. Segun imparted an important message to the students – taking ownership of their learning and the facility.


By being proactive, responsible, and fully engaged in their educational journey, the students can create a rewarding and transformative experience for themselves.


The orientation talk at Lagos State Women Development Centre sets the stage for the students’ skill acquisition journey.

Mrs. Segun’s words serve as a reminder of the values and conduct expected from each student, fostering an environment of mutual respect and support.

With dedication, collaboration, and a sense of ownership, the students can maximize the benefits of the program, empowering themselves for a brighter and more independent future.


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