Sir Mick Jagger’s Push to Rekindle The Rolling Stones for New Album

A Long-Awaited Release

The Rolling Stones are set to unveil their first collection of original songs in 18 years with the release of “Hackney Diamonds” on October 20.

This album holds particular significance, as it marks their first creation since the passing of drummer Charlie Watts in August 2021.

Sir Mick Jagger’s Concerns

In an interview with The Times Saturday magazine, Sir Mick Jagger expressed his initial concerns about the band’s creative direction.

He revealed that there was a lack of urgency among the band members and their label to produce new music.

A Shift in Music Industry Dynamics

Jagger noted the shifting dynamics in the music industry. In the past, touring served as a promotional platform for new albums, with the focus primarily on the records.

However, in the present day, artists find more substantial revenue in live performances and less from album sales.

This change in financial dynamics impacted the band’s motivation to create new music.

Setting a Deadline

To reignite the creative fire within the band, Jagger set a clear deadline. He announced that they would enter the studio in autumn 2022 and that he expected the album to be released a year later.

This decisive move aimed to rekindle their passion for creating new music.

Recording “Hackney Diamonds”

The band, including Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and drummer Steve Jordan (Watts’s successor), recorded “Hackney Diamonds” in Los Angeles in a remarkably short span of three weeks.

Special Collaborations

The album features notable collaborations, including singing superstar Lady Gaga on the track “Sweet Sounds Of Heaven.” Jagger’s spontaneous collaboration with Lady Gaga in the studio resulted in a unique musical blend.

Additional Guest Appearances

The album also showcases musical legends like Stevie Wonder on the keyboard and Sir Elton John on the piano for specific tracks.

Furthermore, Sir Paul McCartney contributes his bass guitar skills on the track “Bite My Head Off,” an unexpected collaboration that pleasantly surprised Jagger.

Reflecting on Their Roots

Sir Mick Jagger reflects on The Rolling Stones’ original mission of introducing American blues to a broader audience.

Although they didn’t have a political message, their music began to mirror society. The influence of artists like Bob Dylan during their era further highlighted this aspect.

Returning to Their Blues Roots

The Rolling Stones’ journey is marked by a return to their blues roots. “Hackney Diamonds” rekindles the blues influence that initially inspired the band.

It’s a testament to their enduring musical legacy and the evolution of their sound over the years.