Bethany Mandel Criticizes Students Blaming Israel for Hamas Attack

Bethany Mandel Criticizes Students Blaming Israel for Hamas Attack

An American author who penned a book on ‘wokeism poisoning young brains’ has lashed out at students gathering to praise the Hamas terrorists.

Author Bethany Mandel Speaks Out Against Student Support for Hamas

Bethany Mandel, who co-wrote Stolen Youth:

How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation, blasted student groups at Ivy league schools seen supporting the terrorist group’s actions.

American Author Bethany Mandel Slams Ivy League Students’ Support for Hamas

Scores of students at the University of Washington, Harvard, and Georgetown University have rallied this week, blaming Israel for Hamas’ deadly attack.

The groups have asserted their support for Hamas following the assault that killed 1,300 Israelis and launched the region into a bloody war.

Bethany Mandel Denounces Growing Anti-Semitic Remarks on College Campuses

Speaking to Rachel Campos-Duffy on Fox and Friends, Mandel addressed footage of disturbing comments made at a pro-Palestinian protest at Baruch College in New York City where a young man told Fox News:

‘Hamas is violence but we have to understand that these people have been under occupation for 75 years.’ Mandel labelled the growing number anti-Semitic remarks being echoed across college campuses ‘holocaust revisionism’.

Bethany Mandel on Education in America: “They Don’t Care About Jewish Lives”

We have foreign journalists on the ground in Israel who have seen these decapitated babies in person,’ she said.

‘They volunteered to go into these kibbutzim and look at these bodies. There’s nothing at play here but holocaust revisionism, and this is no way possible for us to prove to them that there are dead babies who were massacred in their beds to these people.

‘They don’t care about Jewish lives, and the fact that this is happening on our elite campuses, the fact that these are supposedly the people who are the most educated in America, really speaks volumes to what we call “education in America”.’

Bethany Mandel Calls Out Universities for Excusing the Massacre of Civilians

Asked how much responsibility she believes the education system holds, Mandel said she wasn’t prepared to ‘give legal adults a pass here’.

‘They have the ability to open a computer or and look at these photos themselves,’ she said.

‘If they’re not able to process information, if they’re not able to understand that dozens of foreign journalists and the President of the United States have all independently confirmed that there were babies massacred, I don’t know how to prove it to them. ‘

A lot of what I’m seeing, a lot of these interviews are idiot Marxist, leftist students. Of course, there is a foreign element at play here, but there’s a lot of stupid white kids from Connecticut.’

Mandel says she believes some blame lies with the universities, but added: ‘These are adults who are excusing the massacre of civilians in their beds’.

Harvard University Students Accuse Israel of Responsibility for Unfolding Violence

When probed if it’s at all possible that they are getting their messaging wrong, and may actually disavow Hamas while also having sympathy for Palestinians, but Mandel doesn’t believe that’s the case.

‘They’re putting images of the people who were flying in on paragliders and they’re calling them heroes, they’re calling them freedom fighters.

‘It is absolutely possible to say I deplore innocent life being lost on both sides, but you have to put the responsibility for that initially here on Hamas.’

Columbia and Northwestern Student Groups Weigh In on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

It comes as Harvard University students released a statement accusing Israel of being ‘entirely responsible’ for the ‘unfolding violence’ in the region following Hamas’ surprise attack last weekend.

The stance was widely condemned, including by former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers who wrote on X: ‘In nearly 50 years of @Harvard affiliation, I have never been as disillusioned and alienated as I am today.’ ‘As long as you perpetuate this narrative, fighting will continue to break out until justice is achieved.

Because nothing else is working,’ the coalition’s statement read. ‘As Columbia students, our classes regularly discuss the inevitability of resistance as part of the struggle for decolonization.

We study under renowned scholars who denounce the fact that the media requires oppressed peoples to be ‘perfect victims’ in order to deserve sympathy.’

‘Yet not only does our institution neglect to align its actions with its ostensible values, but it actively normalizes Israeli apartheid and subjugation of Palestinians,’ the group went on.

A student organization from Columbia University then joined in the chorus of equivocation by calling the terrorism a ‘counter-offensive.’

A shocking statement released Monday by the Justice in Palestine group at Columbia said that Hamas’ actions were a ‘counter-offensive against their settler-colonial oppressor.’

‘The weight of responsibility for the war and casualties undeniably lies with the Israeli extremist government and other Western governments,’ the statement, which was also signed by a group named Jewish Voice for Peace, read. A group from Northwestern University, named Justice in Palestine, said that they ‘stand unwavering in our commitment to highlighting the profound injustices faced by the Palestinian people.’

The group also wrote that it is a ‘grievous miscarriage of justice to portray Palestinians as the aggressors in this occupation’ adding that it’s ‘morally untenable to portray Israel as the victim.’

Josh Hawley Calls for DOJ Investigation of Pro-Palestine Student Groups

Republican Josh Hawley has called for the Department of Justice to investigate pro-Palestine student groups on college campuses across the nation after they held anti-Israel protests.

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