Simon Cowell’s Remarkable Transformation: Lifestyle Changes and Recovery Journey

Simon Cowell’s Remarkable Transformation: Lifestyle Changes and Recovery Journey

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Simon Cowell, 63, has been recently spotted sporting a slimmer waist and a trim physique, which has caught the attention of many.


However, there is something he wears that may be responsible for his slimmed-down appearance.

These changes come after the media mogul received alarming news from his doctor six years ago, prompting him to make significant lifestyle changes.

Health Scare and Dietary Adjustments

In 2017, Cowell fell down the stairs and had to be hospitalized due to low blood sugar.

It was during this time that his doctor delivered a scathing verdict on his eating habits, describing it as one of the worst diets he had ever seen.

Cowell attributed this to his personal chefs being instructed to prepare rich and luxurious dishes.

Since the health scare, he has reportedly lost around four stone by eliminating four key food groups from his diet: gluten and bread, red meat, dairy, and sugar.


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Cowell’s diet has become so strict that he even prefers to eat a meal at home before going out to a restaurant, declining any food offered to him there.

Cycling and Recovery Journey

Apart from dietary changes, Cowell has also become an avid cyclist, covering approximately 10 miles on his bike daily.

However, in August 2020, he experienced a horrifying accident while testing a £10,000 electric bike at his Malibu home.

The incident resulted in Cowell undergoing six hours of surgery and having metal rods inserted into his spine due to multiple fractures.

As part of his recovery process, Cowell now wears a medical corset, which not only aids his healing but also contributes to his slimmer appearance.

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Reflection on Accidents and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on his accident, Cowell expressed gratitude that it wasn’t more severe, realizing the potential severity of the situation when he saw the X-ray of his injured spine.

Although he suffered temporary paralysis and excruciating pain upon impact, he considers himself fortunate to have avoided more significant damage.

Cowell humorously advised others to thoroughly read the manual before riding an electric trail bike for the first time.


Despite the accident, just 18 months later, Cowell had another biking mishap in London, resulting in facial injuries and serving as a reminder of the importance of wearing a helmet for safety.

In conclusion, Simon Cowell’s slimmer physique is the result of both lifestyle changes following his doctor’s warning about his diet and his ongoing recovery from a serious biking accident.

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Through dietary adjustments and regular cycling, Cowell has made significant progress in improving his health and overall well-being.


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