Enioluwa Opens Up About Struggling with Depression Due to Adekunle Gold and Simi’s Relationship

Instagram influencer Enioluwa recently shared candid thoughts about experiencing depression, attributing it to the seemingly blissful relationship of Nigerian music stars Adekunle Gold and Simi.

Enioluwa’s revelation came on November 9, 2023, following the couple’s public displays of affection that have garnered attention on social media.

Expressing Depression Triggered by AG Baby and Simi’s Love

Enioluwa’s disclosure was accompanied by a video showcasing Adekunle Gold and Simi singing one of their hit songs together.

In the caption, Enioluwa expressed that it was high time for the celebrity couple to take a break, suggesting that their consistent displays of love contribute to feelings of depression for individuals who are not in relationships.

Citing the Couple’s Happy Marriage as Oppressive on Social Media

Enioluwa specifically pointed out that Adekunle Gold (often referred to as AG Baby) and Simi are widely known for their seemingly happy marriage.

According to the influencer, the couple’s public affectionate gestures contribute to a sense of oppression for single individuals navigating social media platforms.

Envy and the Desire for a Soulmate

The influencer openly conveyed envy towards Adekunle Gold and Simi’s relationship, questioning why he hasn’t found his own soulmate yet.

The video ends with a rhetorical question to God, asking for guidance and expressing frustration at the lack of a romantic partner in Enioluwa’s life.

Equating Self to an Iroko Tree in Ikorodu

In a lighthearted yet poignant remark, Enioluwa humorously compared oneself to an Iroko tree in Ikorodu, a metaphorical expression likely indicating a feeling of being overlooked or unnoticed in the realm of romantic relationships.

Navigating the Challenges of Singlehood on Social Media

Enioluwa’s candid revelation sheds light on the emotional challenges faced by individuals who perceive social media as a space filled with seemingly perfect relationships.

The influencer’s honesty opens up a conversation about the impact of celebrity couples’ displays of love on the mental health of those who may feel left out or pressured by societal expectations.

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