Shocking Footage Reveals Horrors of EU Fur Farms: Largest-Ever Investigation Unveils Animal Cruelty in the Fur Industry

The largest-ever undercover investigation on European fur farms has unearthed the horrifying truth of the fur industry.

The chilling exposé, titled ‘This is Fur Farming in the EU,’ provides a stark glimpse into the grim reality of fur factory farming across six EU nations.

Unveiling Disturbing Conditions:

Independent animal rights investigators, during over 100 farm visits, captured harrowing material exposing the inhumane conditions of fur farms.

The footage reveals mink, foxes, and raccoon dogs enduring distressing situations, with wounded animals battling for survival in cages coated in feces, infestations of maggots, and missing patches of fur, eyes, and limbs.

Cannibalistic acts and piles of bodies in containers further depict the grim conditions.

Exclusive Release and Animal Welfare Concerns:

The footage was exclusively released to animal protection groups Oikeutta eläimille and Humane Society International.

The investigation raised significant animal welfare concerns, including cannibalism among naturally solitary mink, injured and deceased animals confined with others, visible bloody injuries, and instances of self-mutilation.

Scope of the Investigation:

The investigation spanned farms in Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Spain, and Denmark.

Across all farms, animals were found housed in small, unsanitary cages, frequently engaging in cannibalistic acts.

The suffering and violations observed were consistent with EU Directive 98/58/EC, emphasizing the need for urgent action.

Industry Outcry and Call for Ban:

Animal rights advocates, including Kristo Muurimaa from Oikeutta eläimille, emphasized the need for EU leaders to acknowledge the suffering on fur farms.

The Humane Society International called for a swift and decisive ban on fur farming in the EU, pointing to the damning evidence across different countries.

European Commission’s Decision Looms:

As the European Commission considers its response to a 1.5 million signature petition for an EU-wide fur farming ban, the investigation adds urgency to the call for action.

Twenty European countries have already banned fur farming, but an estimated 10 million fur-bearing animals are still bred for fashion annually in Europe.

Global Fur Farming Impact:

Globally, around 100 million animals are used for fur, with 10 million mink, foxes, and raccoon dogs bred and killed on European fur farms in 2021.

Leading designers, including Kering’s brands and others like Prada and Burberry, have adopted fur-free policies.

The potential for zoonotic disease spread on fur farms, exemplified by COVID-19 infections in mink, underscores the public health threat.

Recent Developments and Public Health Concerns:

In recent months, public health concerns led Finnish authorities to order the culling of nearly 300,000 foxes, mink, and raccoon dogs following avian influenza outbreaks on fur farms.

Virologists have warned of the public health threat posed by fur farming, urging governments to consider eliminating it for pandemic preparedness.


The disturbing revelations from the undercover investigation cast a spotlight on the urgent need for comprehensive action against the fur industry.

The call for an EU-wide ban gains momentum, emphasizing the ethical and public health considerations associated with fur farming.

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