Sex worker that featured on the “Hustler” cover was arrested for shooting at a Nevada brothel

A former cover model for “Hustler” Magazine has been identified as the sex worker arrested for a shooting inside Nevada’s notorious Bunny Ranch brothel. She maintains she has been “falsely accused.”

After posting bail on Tuesday, Savannah Henderson, also known as “Tiara Tae,” rushed to Twitter to invite followers to follow her OnlyFans account so they could hear her side of the story with all the “juicy details.”

Henderson was detained on Monday night after it was reported that he had fired several shots inside the legal brothel that had previously been the subject of an HBO series.

The so-called “pleasure and orgasm specialist” afterwards asserted that the police had the wrong individual.

Surprise spoiler: wrongfully charged. legal check Just after 10 p.m. local time on Tuesday, Henderson tweeted, “Charges dropped. “You guys thought you had me, hehe, but stay tuned for my OF link with juicy details and court information,” I’m unrestricted in my movement! I hope that everyone is enjoying their week. I’m relieved right now.

Tiara Tae, the alter ego of Savannah Henderson, asserted that the police had shot the incorrect person.
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Around 9:30 p.m. on Monday, Lyon County Sheriff’s officers responded to a complaint of shots fired inside the business along Highway 50 in Mound House. When they got at the site, they heard further gunshots, according to the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff claimed that nobody was hurt in the gunshot.

But, according to reports, Henderson barricaded herself in a room, so crisis negotiation team members were summoned to the scene. Later, at around 12:30 a.m., she turned herself in to police, according to the office.

Regarding the incident, Savannah Henderson tweeted that “charges dropped” and that she will give all of the “juicy facts” in an OnlyFans video.

The sex worker, who was featured on the cover of “Hustler” magazine’s March 2019 issue, was arrested and lodged in the Lyon County Jail on four counts of possessing a firearm while a felon, one count of possessing a controlled substance, one count of firing a gun where others might be in danger, and one count of obstructing or resisting a peace officer.

She was freed on bail on Tuesday after posting $86,140.

On September 9, 2017, at STK Toronto, Savannah Henderson and Tony Clifton attend the 2017 Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Gala Awards Dinner.
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I’ll release an OnlyFans. In a video she sent to Twitter, Henderson said, “I’m going to talk about most of the details there, but if you want to know what occurred at Dennis Hof’s internationally renowned Moonlight Bunny Ranch, make sure you f—ing subscribe.

The sex worker wrote “all eyes on me” next to the video, appearing to enjoy the publicity her arrest brought.

She tweeted, quoting the late, former owner of the brothel Dennis Hof, “E-mails sky rocketing, people wanting appointments and meet ups.. maybe Dennis was right, all publicity is good publicity the word watching right now what I do next.” “Keep it tuned.”

The sheriff claimed that a conflict between staff was what precipitated the shooting.

Henderson has been referred to as a “crazy bully barbie b-ch” and a “complete f-king nutcase” by a lady who identified herself as a “former Bunny Ranch employee.”

“She intimidated other women for years. attacked others,” tweeted Alexa Haze. “I saw that when I worked there,” the person said.

Henderson retorted, not missing the opportunity to once more promote her channel, “You wish B-ch Lmao you’re going to eat your words once you see this court info.” “Subscribe to my OF for the juicy information,” he advised.

»Sex worker that featured on the “Hustler” cover was arrested for shooting at a Nevada brothel«

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